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It's very detailed. TCP and IPX are protocals that sort your data into a certain pattern so that you can transmit it over your line (phone, cable, ethernet, etc). The receiver than recongnized this specific pattern and can re-assemble the data back into it's original format. TCP and IPX are just types of patterns that are used to send data. TCP is used for your internet connection and your LAN. IPX is an older protocol that is dying out. It is still used in some video game interfaces. There is much more detail in the the exact way they organize data. I'm sure there are reports on this subject you can find on Google.

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2011-09-14 09:33:47
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Q: What is the difference between TCP and IPX?
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What is the difference between ipx spx and tcp ip?

IPX/SPX is a proprietary protocol developed by Novell, and TCP/IP is an open protocol, not owned by anyone.In addition, the two protocols do similar things, with transport and routing. The main difference is the addressing type and the frame types are different.

In windows NT if you bind tcp ip to your computers network interface card and subsequently add ipx spx in the same way how do tcp ip and ipx spx operate?

TCP IP handles data transfer by default, and IPX SPX takes over if TCP IP is unavailable

Tcp ip and netbeui which is not routable?

IP,IPX,TCP,.... are Routable protocols and NetBEUI,DLC,... are Nonroutable..

What networking protocols does Linux support?

TCP/IP v4 TCP/IP v6 IPX AppleTalk

What is the NetWare equivalent to TCP?

NetWare includes support for TCP/IP NetWare's previous protocol was IPX/SPX

What does the acronyms IPX stand for?

Internetwork Packet Exchange. It was a protocol for Novell NetWare, but TCP/IP is so prevalent now, even IPX sites typically utilize it.

What is difference between TCP and UDP?

their names

Of ipxspx tcpip and netbeui which is routable and which is not?

IPX/SPX : Routable // TCP/IP : Routable // NetBEUI : Not Routable

What is tci protocol is it another name for tcpip?

TCP IP is 2 distinct protocols... TCP is a trasnporter and IP is the DATA TCP mean Transport Control Protocol and IP mean Internet Protocol If you compare with IPX SPX in NOVEL IPX is the DATA, and SPX is the transport protocol... Jean-François Cyr as Cyr de Jackdrill...

What is the most significant difference between the Layer 4 TCP and the Layer 4 UDP?

the main difference between UDP and TCP is that UDP is not a reliable protocol.

What are the four suites of protocols?

1) TCP/IP, 2) IPX/SPX, 3) NetBEUI, & 4) AppleTalk...

Of IPX SPX TCP IP and NetBEUI which is not routable?

NetBEUI is the only listed protocol that is not routable; the rest are.

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