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What is the difference between Windows 98 Windows 2000 and XP?

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Windows 98 was the polished, final, improved version of Windows 95.

It was easier to use, suffered a lot fewer crashes , freezes and other forms of torture familiar to Windows users than the 95 version did and had a higher support for USB.

Windows 95 and 98 are somewhat the same disregarding graphics. 95 was the big bang for Microsoft. After such a success and with the internet on the rise, 98 came out configured for a more optimal net configuration. But not that stable or reliable. Windows 2000 and Windows NT are pretty much the same thing just different release dates. NT based OS's are a lot more stable considering they run on NTFS(hince NT) whereas 98/95 run on FAT32 which is of course less stable. And well XP just plain over did it, XP just looks pretty. XP is way to big, takes way too much start up and RAM dedication. Make sure you have a solid Gig of RAM before going XP, and upgrading to Service Pack 3 is advised.

Windows 95 and 98 (and Windows 98SE and Windows Me) were designed and marketed to Home users. Windows 2000 is an expansion of Windows NT and both were marketed for Businesses. Windows XP is a hybrid of the two allowing for the selection of either file system at the time of installation and is much more stable. It's Microsoft attempt to wean users onto two flavors of the same OS, thus keeping their costs down and better compete with Unix.

If you're running Windows XP Home Edition, you can run rather successfully with 250mb of RAM (even 128mb if all you're doing is Word and email, although I don't recommend it). If you're running Windows XP Pro, then I would recommend that you run with 500mb of RAM, with 1gb only being necessary for high-end gamers, or graphic users such as CAD-CAM or movie.

It also depends upon if you're a work station or a stand-alone system. Tens of thousands of work stations run just fine using Windows XP Pro with just 250mb of RAM, whereas stand-alone systems need more.

Windows 98 is based on DOS which is an old operating system created years ago hence why it crashes a lot.

Windows XP (and Vista, 200, and NT) are completely rewritten from scratch. They are much more reliable and have replaced Windows 98.

First of all Windows 98 cannot work with most hardware. Windows XP can work with hardware that 98 can work with and more. Windows XP haves better themes than 98. XP can work with more software than 98, XP can also work with software that 95, 98, Me, and 2000 works with. XP haves better icons. 98 is slow. XP is fast. XP comes with more security features than 98.

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The difference between window 95982000 and xp?

Windows 95 and 98 is based on the Windows 4.x Kernel. Windows 2000 and XP is baed on the NT Kernel. XP sports a different GUI compared to 95982000, this is the main difference between windows 2000/98 and XP.

What is the difference between Windows 98 and ME?

98 worked. ME didn't.

Difference between win 98 and win 2000?

Windows 2000 greatly improved the stability of Windows because it's built on NT technology. NT technology is different because the whole operating system won't crash when a program crashes like Windows 98 will.

What is the difference between Windows 98 and Windows Vista?

windows 98 old operating system windows vista new operation system don't compare this operating system eg: your a windows vista your grand father windows 98

What is the difference between Windows 9x and Windows 98?

"Windows 9x" is the collective term for all operating systems in the 16/32-bit hybrid family. These are Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows ME. Windows 98 refers to a specific member or two members of this family.

What is the difference between UNIX 95 and UNIX 98?

Since there isn't a UNIX 95 or UNIX 98 per se, I think you are referring to Windows 95 or Windows 98..

Can you update from Windows 98 to Windows 2000 for free?


Which version of windows was first to be released after windows 98?

Windows 98 was released on 25 June 1998. Windows 2000 was the next release, 17 February 2000.

Will computer games for windows 3.1 Windows 2000 or Windows 95 work in windows 98?

Most games written for Windows 3.1 or Windows 95 will run on Windows 98. Games that were only written with Windows 2000 or later in mind will usually not run on Windows 98.

How would you do if you want to set up a dual boot scenario between Windows 98 and windows 2000?

Create two partitions in ur hard drive and install Windows '98 on Drive C and install Windows 2000 on Drive D to another partition.

Is windows 98 SE newer than windows 7 Home Premium?

No - after Windows 98 came Windows Me & Windows 2000 - then Windows 7.

Can you install Windows 2000 Professional on Windows 98?


What are the difference between windows and Mac?

Windows and Mac called Operating system, but the difference between them is: Windows: is the operating system for Microsoft products Mac: is the operating system for Apple products Windows kinds: first: Windows 95 second: Windows 98 Third: Windows me forth: Windows NT Fifth: Windows 2000 Sixth: windows XP Seventh: Windows Vista Eighth: Windows 7 and the last one : Windows 8 Mac kinds: i don't know :)

What is the difference between windows 2000 native mode and mixed mode?

The Mixed mode is for networks that have Windows 98/ME in addition to Windows 2000/XP/2003 clients. Mixed mode requires the RAC (Remote Application Client) to be installed for proper communication with the clients. The Native modeis for networks that consist only of Windows 2000/XP/2003 clients. The CMS server communicates natively with the clients using Windows networking features that aren't available in 98/ME clients. The RAC program is not needed. If you have no or few 98/ME clients, choose this option.

Can you run MojoPac on Windows 98?

No. Only Windows XP is supported; Windows 95/98/ME/2000 are not supported and are not planned to be in the future.

Which is newer windows xp or windows 98SE?

Windows XP is newer, it came out in 2001, Windows 98 SE came out around '98 to 2000.

Is windows 2000 a significant rewrite of the Windows 98 kernel?


Will a Windows 2000 network driver work in Windows 98?

Possibly, but not necessarily. Both Windows 98 and Windows 2000 support WDM (Windows Driver Model), but Windows 2000 is newer, and drivers written to a newer standard of WDM will not work on systems with older standards.

What applet in the Windows 2000 Control Panel do you use to stop a PC card before removing it In Windows 98?

add/remove hardware for Windows 2000 Pc Card icon for windows 98

Difference between windows 98 and NT?

98 is a hybrid 16/32bit utilizing OS, as where NT is full 32bit. - Alex C

What file is common in windows 98 windows 2000 and windows Xp?

Lots of files are common between the three systems. ddraw.dll, comctl32.dll, nt.dll, etc...

Which legacy operating systems can be upgraded directly to Windows XP?

Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000.

What are the similarities between windows 98 and NT?

There are very few similarities between Windows 98 and Windows NT, other than a similar interface.