What is the difference between a Spanish and an American menu?

Most restaurants in Spain offer a "Menu of the Day" (usually for lunch but sometimes for supper too) and that has a set price that varies from one place to the next of course. Such menus consist of at least2 different courses(sometimes 3)and, most important, your dessert and your drink are included in the price. Here's a sample I'm making up for you: 1st course: Soup of the Day or Salad or Tomato Juice 2nd Course: Paella or Fishand Chips or Spaghetti Bolognaise Style (with meat) Dessert: Choice of Ice-cream , Slice of cake or Fresh fruit. Drinks: Choice of Wine, Beer, a Pop or a Bottle of Mineral Water. Average price: US $12-14 taxes (6%)generallyincluded, tip always optional Please note that at the Ritz or the Hilton it costs a few bucks more... but there must be a reason. I don't know, have never been there. Well, yes, at their bars. ;-) Hope this helps!