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there is a slight difference, white pointer sharks have white on there bellies so when they are on top of an enemy and they look up all they see is whiteness. great white shark has whitish grey but they don't use it for the same reason. also white pointer sharks put up their dorsal fin and their tail fin (but the tail slightly shorter than the dorsal) but the great white shark only puts up its dorsal fin.

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Q: What is the difference between a White Pointer shark and a Great White shark?
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There is no difference between a great white shark and a shark because a great white shark is a shark. however there is a difference between a great white shark and another breed of shark

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White shark, white death, white pointer.

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A white pointer is a type of shark found particularly in waters off Southern Australia. It is also know as the Great White shark.

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Correct name for Great White Shark is Carcharodon carcharias. Some other nicknames are White Death and White Pointer.

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There are no subcategories of great white shark. They are sometimes referred to by different names, such as great white or white pointer, but it's still the same species of shark.

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