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A biography or biographical sketch describes someone's life. An autobiography is written by the person him- or herself and so by definition is incomplete (and biased)

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What is the difference between biography to biographical sketch?

A biographical sketch is generally short and highlights key events and achievements. A biography, on the other hand, is much fuller and should (generally) cover the person's whole life as far as possible

Can you show me a sample biographical sketch?


What is the definition of bio?

a biography or biographical sketch

What is the difference between a multiview sketch and an isometric sketch?

big diffrence

A character sketch is a type of brief biographical essay?

the answer is true

Karin korb biographical sketch?

Karin korb death

What is a biographical sketch?

Biographical Sketch (Biosketch) DefinedA biosketch is a brief summary of you or someone else's professional /educational accomplishments, publications, and affiliations--an abbreviated curriculum vitae--meant to highlight important aspects of your training, experience, and areas of interest.In plain's a "light sketch" of a persons life.Other contributors have said:I was taught that a biography is about someone else while an autobiography is about one's self. So an autobiographical sketch would be a biosketch of your own life while a biographical sketch is a biosketch of anybody else's life.Just describe the person and write what main accomplishments the person has done. Has he won Prizes like Nobel? Or has he written books?

What is the biographical sketch of Homer the author of The Odyssey?

Start with the link below.

Where are the text aids at in William Shakespeare's A biographical sketch story?

at the end

What are the forms of narration?

tale fable diary animal sketch personal sketch] biography autobiography

What is the difference between a two-dimensional sketch and an isometric sketch?

An isometric is more specific

What is the difference between a sketch and a photograph?

A sketch is a quick drawing. A photograph is a photo, capturing by light in the camera.

How do memorials represent leaders?

Memorial comes form the English world "memoir" meaning an autobiography, biography or biographical sketch. The purpose of a memorial is therefore to remind countries that the leader existed and try to focus on something they did or achieved for the country.

What is a biographical sketch on Julius Caesar?

A biographical sketch of Julius Caesar would be an outline of his life and accomplishments. To see a full bio of Caesar, type "Julius Caesar" in your web browser and you'll get many sites outlining his life.

What is the difference between plan and sketch?

Cause if your gonna plan its in your head and if your gonna sketch you have to write it or draw it first

What is the difference between a plan and a sketch?

A plan is something you do before anything a sketch is a picture you draw first draft

Which of these would not be includes in a biographical sketch of Woodrow Wilson?

He was the republican presidential candidate in the election of 1912... A+... =)..

What of these would be included in a biographical sketch of Henry Kissinger?

he served as president nixons secretary of state

Which statment would be included in a biographical sketch of Gerald Ford?

He was the target of two assassination attempts

Difference between working drawing and 3d model and sketch?

the difference is stechn is when its light drawn is when its dark!!

What is the difference between character- sketch of mcginty and mcmurdo?

They are two different Characters So their character sketch is always different!

What is the difference between a sketch and a completed work?

A sketch is a drawing or plan that is done quickly without all the details. Completed work is a finished job that is performed according to the sketch.

What statement would be included in a biographical sketch of William Clinton?

He served as the Attorney General of Arkansas A+LS

What has the author Edward Delafield written?

Edward Delafield has written: 'Biographical sketch of J. Kearny Rodgers ..'

Example of biographical sketch?

In order to write a biographical sketch, the author must create a short and specific account of a person's life. This should include information about the person, such as accomplishments, career history, and personal details. The author should emphasize details that they find notable or include an anecdote.

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