What is the difference between a blower for a car engine and a super charger?

The name blower comes from a type of supercharger, the roots supercharger actually, this is because unlike centrifugal or twin screw superchargers the roots does not pressurizes the air in the super charger. It ?blows? it into the manifold where in then creates pressure. They are actually the same thing. Turbos are different, but superchargers and blowers are the same. That said, there are different types of blowers too, like centrifugal or vane type. Hope that helps! One other note, don't confuse a blower for a term that refers to blower motor or heater fan for a blower/supercharger. They aren't exactly the same although they do the same thing (forcing induction). They are driven by different methods and have different operating characteristics. Superchargers are driven by a belt, while turbochargers capture part of the exhaust gases from the engine and use it to drive the turbocharger. Both force additional air into the engine to increase HP.