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Charge card and credit card offers you a facility to spend a certain amount and at the end of the month you can pay a specific minimum amount and revolve your credit for the next month by paying some interest on the remaining amount that is still to be paid and remains out standing. Charge card offers you a facility that the amount spent will be directly debited from your account and you can not revolve the credit. Charge card is a facility provider which is given to their costomer to make their payment behalf of the costumer

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What is the difference between a Platinum card and a regular credit card?

The major difference between a Platinum credit card and a standard credit card is that with a standard credit card credit limits are lower than what they would be with a Platinum credit card. Interest rates will differ as well.

What is the difference between a smart card and a payroll card?

what is the difference between a credit card, debit card and smart card

What is the difference between a debt card and a credit card?

The diffference between a debt card and a credit card is ,in a debt card it's money from your account .In a credit card is when you borrow money from the bank.

I-tunes charge to credit card?

You can have itunes charge to your credit card or buy a prepaid card either a itunes card or a prepaid credit card ...

What is the difference between a checking account and credit card account?

checking from bank fund & credit card prepaid by credit

Difference between credit and debit card?

credit card means post paid card debit card means pre-paid card

How can you tell the difference between a credit card and a debit card?

The main difference is that with a debit card the money comes out of your checking account at the point of sell and with a credit card you borrow the money from a bank to pay back later. Interested is added to the charge by the bank so you actually pay more for what you buy.

What is the difference between mastero card and visa card?

Different credit provider companies

Is the physical card required for a thief to charge to my credit card account?

No the physical card is not required to charge to your credit card account. All they need is the credit card number and back code. So yes they can charge things to your card.

What is the primary difference between a credit card and a debit card?

credit mean were you take money debit is what you give money

Difference between charge card and credit card?

Credit Cards vs. Charge Cards Many people use the terms credit card and charge card interchangeably, but there are important differences. In general, a credit card lets you make purchases for which you are billed later. Most credit card accounts allow you to carry a balance from one billing cycle to the next; however, you have to pay interest on that balance. Usually, you have to pay at least a certain amount of your balance each time you receive a bill. A charge card is a specific kind of credit card. The balance on a charge card account is payable in full when the statement is received and cannot be rolled over from one billing to the next. Because you cannot carry a balance, a charge card doesn't have a periodic or annual percentage rate, so there is no rate for a charge card issuer to disclose. (info is from some website somewhere on google)

What are the costs and pitfalls of using a charge card a debit card and a credit card?

credit card: no worries if card is lost all you have to do is annul it. Debit card: you have to be in charge charge card: don't really exist

What is the difference between credit cards and charge cards?

Most people think credit card and charge card are the same thing. This is not entirely correct. The difference is that the charge card is a special kind of credit card that you have to pay the entire balance off each time you receive a bill. You cannot make a partial payment, and there is no interest involved. With a credit card, you can treat it like a loan to yourself. You can make a partial payment when the statement comes in, and then pay interest on the balance each month until it is paid in full. Some people just keep making partial payments and pay interest on credit cards for years and years.

What is an American express card a charge card or credit card?

Credit Cards are a type of charge card. American Express is a charge card brand that offers both credit and debit cards. It depends on the account type of the person using it.

What is the difference between a charge card a debit card and a credit card?

Credit card-You can use a credit card to buy things and pay for them over time. But remember, buying with credit is a loan-you have to pay the money back. What's more, if the credit card company sends you a check, it's not a gift. It's a loan you have to pay back. In addition to the cost of what you bought, you will owe a percentage of what you spent (interest) and sometimes an annual fee. Charge card-If you use a charge card, you must pay your balance in full when you get your regular statement. Debit card-This card allows you to access the money in your checking or savings account electronically to make purchases

What is the difference between a credit and laser card?

Both have different use

What is the difference between mastercard and visa card?

Visa and MasterCard are two different companies that issue credit cards. The credit card companies charge different 'per transaction' fees depending on the volume of sales of a particular retailer. Visa and MasterCard are simply the company and network that provides the instrument with which you use to make the charge. Basically i prefer visa virtual credit card.

Can a company charge your credit card without permission?

No, a company can not charge a credit card without permission. This violation should be reported immediately to your credit card company.

How can I stop the charge when I can't recognize that charge in my credit card account?

Contact your bank or credit card company.

What are the differences between a debit card and a credit card?

The difference between a credit card and a debit card is a debit card is for money that you place in your own bank account that can be withdrawn with a personal pin number. A credit card company lends the person money and charges interest.

Where can one get a charge credit card?

There are many places where one can get a charge credit card. One can visit their financial institution to see if they are currently eligible for a credit card. One may also apply for a credit card from numerous online credit card websites.

What is a sentence for charge?

I will charge the clothes to my credit card.

If you run out of money on your playstation network account does the charge go to your credit card?

If you've added a credit card, in the case of a purchase that exceeds the funds in your PSN Wallet, the difference will be charged to your credit card. If you don't have a credit card associated with the account, then you will simply be unable to complete the transaction.

What is the Difference Between a consumer credit card and a secured credit card?

A consumer credit card is issued to you on good faith that you will build debt and pay it off. A secured credit card is issued to you for the amount that you deposit into a secured savings account. The debt you charge to your card cannot exceed the amount that you have in your account. Once you show good faith that you are responsible enough to maintain your credit to debt ratio and pay your bills on time, the company may offer you a consumer card in place of the secured card. A secured credit card is a great way to establish credit.

What other stores take macy's credit cards?

The Macy's department store offers a charge card and a credit card. Their charge card can only be used at Macy's, and a credit card can be used anywhere.