What is the difference between a full-load current rated current?

1) Full load current : the greatest current that can flow in any electric circuit (Machine circuit , Electronics Circuits , ....etc ) under a specified conditions

2) Rated Current ( Nominal current ) : is the named value for the Circuit as it represent the current that a component , circuit ,device , system consumes, produces, or safely tolerates, when used in a given manner.

Also the rated current may be the maximum current that can be applied continuously under specified conditions without harming a component, circuit, device, system. ( so it can be the full load value )

For example, it may be a rating of the current drawn expressed in RMS amperes after a device is turned on and warmed up. The actual value, or interval of values, may not coincide with this number

In conclusion , the rated or nominal current is general expression for the current as it may represent the rms value , maximum value , Operating value for a machine or a device and so on , But the Full load current is the greatest current that can flow in a circuit Only.