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//function prototype int myFunction(char a); //function definition int myFunction(char a) { ...//your code }

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function prototype is declared above the main() function. function definition:a self contained block of statements that are used to perform specific task in C.

None, these two phrases mean the same thing.Function prototyping or function declarationcontains:name, number and types of parameters, return type and some other details are possible, but no function body is allowed.Function definition is function definition (prototype) and the body.

A model dosent necessarily need to function where as a prototype needs to function. for example "Inventor" a 3D modeling program made by AutoCAD makes digital models, that don't function. a prototype needs to function so that you can do tests on it.

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Waterfall model does not involve customer's feedback and there is no generation of any prototype,however in throw away prototype model a rough prototype is generated

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A function declaration declares a function's interface but does not implement it. A function definition is itself a declaration, but it also provides the implementation for that interface. Typically we keep interfaces separate from implementation details because it should only be necessary to know what a function does, not how it does it.

Declaration is a promise: 'I will define (or has defined) this variable/function somewhere else'.

The far procedure is used at the place where the function call is given in main program and function definition is given in sub program....

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Nowadays it is the same thing. Long long time ago the following form was also acceptable as function declaration:FILE *fopen ();Currently it is:FILE *from (const char *, const char *);

the difference is ,a structure is where it is placed and the function is what it daos

There is no difference. By definition, 'voltage' is synonymous with 'potential difference'.

The difference between the structure and the function of an organ is thet the structure is how it is organized. The function is the way it works.The way it does its job.

Function overloading is multiple definition with different signatures(the parameters should be different) for the same function. The parameter list have to be different in each definition. The compiler will not accept if the return type alone is changed. Operator overloading is defining a function for a particular operator. The operator loading function can not be overloaded through function overloading.

A System Development Life Cycle is the process of developing a system or software. Prototype is the process of creating examples of software applications,

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a concept car is one that is a one of design and a prototype is the first cars of a new model made to test and iron out bugs and make improvments

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