What is the difference between a garbage can and a compost bin?

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A garbage can or rubbish bin is used if the contents are not intended to be sorted, reused recycled or composted.

A compost bin is used for organic material that can be broken down by bacterial actio,n or through digestion by worms, to create compost.

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Q: What is the difference between a garbage can and a compost bin?
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What to do with an apple you can't finish?

You can either throw the apple In the garbage or organic bin... or you can make your own compost bin and put it there..

What do you need to make a compost bin?

You can make a compost bin out of a variety of things, be creative! We have a surplus of old garbage cans around my house, so I am using one with has a snapping lid.

What is the difference between a landfill and a compost?

land fill is where our rubish from the bin goes and a compost is full of veg pilling and stuff wich u can have in your garden. xxx

What kind of worm do i need for a compost bin?

You can use earthworms for working in your compost bin.

What food can be put in a compost bin?

All types of food can be put into a compost bin

How does a compost bin work?

the compost turns into monkeys

A compost bin will turn organic waste into?

A compost bin will turn organic waste into natural fertilizer.

Where does the heat from the compost bin come from?

Oxidized carbon generates heat in the compost bin.Specifically, a compost bin has to have moisture and materials which are carbon- and nitrogen-rich. There must be about a 27:1 ratio between carbon and nitrogen. The oxygen in water and nitrogen work to oxidize the bin's energy source, carbon.

What is the british word for garbage bin?

garbage bin = rubbish bindumpster = skip

What happens to organic matter in compost bin?

Organic matter in a compost bin decomposes as a result of bacteria action.

Where should a compost bin be placed?

A compost bin should be in full sun, away from trees. The tree roots will leach the nutrients from the compost, if it is touching the ground.

What it is a compost bin?

A bin that is used when composting manure and vegetation.

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