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the difference is that the station wagon has a bigger room for the boot and it is long while the hatch back is a smaller version of the station wagon

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Q: What is the difference between a hatchback and a station wagon or estate?
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A station wagon, hatchback or estate car. Depending on which country you are in.

What is the difference between an estate car and a hatchback?

An estate car is a station wagon. The American Heritage Dictionary defines a station wagon as "an automobile with one or more rows of folding or removable seats behind the driver and no luggage compartment but an area behind the seats into which suitcases, parcels, etc., can be loaded through a tailgate." The dictionary also calls the term an "Americanism." A hatchback, in contrast, has a proper boot that constitutes the rear of the vehicle and opens in an outward and upward fashion. Hatchbacks are usually smaller than estates.

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is it a hatchback or estate?

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