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What is the difference between a motor and an engine?


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Technically, there is no difference between an engine and a motor. However, by common usage the term 'engine' is usually applied to heat engines (e.g. internal combustion engines, steam engines, etc.) whereas the term 'motor' is more-widely applied to electric machines.


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the biggest difference is obviously the stroke and bore of the engine and the size of the engine

No difference in the engine. It is all in the trans and the rearend

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a motor normally uses electricity and an engine usees petrol or diesel... correct if wrong please

The difference between the two engines is a Honda civic dx stock engine is 1.6L single overhead cam nonvetch motor and the Honda civi si stock engine is a 1.6L doul overhead cam vetch motor. I'm not positive about the exact number but the difference is about 70 horse power between the dx and si motors

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Mainly, the difference is that in an overhead cam engine, the camshaft is mounted on the head of the engine, and the valves are still overhead, in an overhead valve engine (sometimes called a "pushrod motor"), the camshaft is in the crankcase.

the starter motor is what physically turns the flywheel to crank the engine. the solenoid is an electrical switch, that when activated, sends the power to the starter motor.

Motor vehicles are powered by an engine or motor (gas, diesel, electric, etc.). Horse-drawn vehicles are powered by a horse.

The main difference is in hybrid cars there are a small petrol engine and a electric motor. When the car is driving along at slower speeds the Electric motor is driving the car while the petrol engine recharges the battery but when the speed is greater the Engine And Electric Motor Drives The Car

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The main difference between a diesel and a steam engine is the diesel engine is an internal combustion and the steam engine is external combustion.

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There is one main difference between these 2 motors. An induction motor is basically driven by magnets to produce torque and a DC motor produces torque by a coil of wires.

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