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No difference in the engine. It is all in the trans and the rearend

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Q: Is there a difference between a Chevy 350 motor and a Chevy 350 motor in a 2500 series truck?
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What is the difference in horsepower between a Chevy 305 and a 350?

Depends on how the motor is set up.

What is the difference between a Chevy 305 and a 327 motor?

the biggest difference is obviously the stroke and bore of the engine and the size of the engine

What is difference between ac series motor and dc series motor?

AC series motor uses the electric current to run the motor. Whereas DC motor uses the battery power to run it.AnswerAn a.c. series motor is termed a 'universal motor', because it will run on either a.c. or d.c. A.C. series motors are constructed in essentially the same way.

What is the difference between traction motor and general motor?

A series motor is employed for traction application which has starting torque and permits intermittent operations by braking, which cannot be expected of a general purpose motor.

What is the difference between motor ship and motor vessel?

There is no difference between the term "motor ship" and the term "motor vessel." The two are commonly used interchangeably.

What is the difference between a DC shunt and a series motor?

Dc shunt implies field windings in parallel to armature,dc series means field windings in series with armature windings.

What is the difference between motor insurance and marine insurance?

difference of motor and marine insurance

What is the difference between an orbital motor and a conventional motor?


What is difference between shunt series dc motor?

A series motor respond by decreasing its speed with small increase in current for a given load torque. A shunt motor holds its speed nearly constant with large increase in input current for same amount of load torque

What is the difference between a fuel pump and a fuel pump module on a 2002 Chevy cavalier?

the fuel pump is the thing that pumps the gas to the motor. the module is what controls the amount of fuel the pump puts out to the motor.

What is the difference between squral cage motor and wound rotor?

No difference

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sensory: sense motor: movement

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