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A cruiser bike is a bike that gives an upright riding postion, is usually blinged out, and is ridden rather sedately.

MTBs are available in several different versions(XC, AM, DH), but basically they're about providing a compromise between ruggedness and rideability.

Mountain bikes have much knobblier tires and usually have suspension, which is rarely available on cruisers. Mountain bikes are also used competitively.

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A mountain bike is a style of bicycle which is designed for off-road riding.

Trek is a company which produces bikes, which can and do include various mountain bikes.

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There are multiple differences between a mountain bike and a ten speed. Mountain bikes are often lighter bikes than the average ten speed.

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Q: What is the difference between a mountain bike and a ten speed?
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What is the difference between a gear bike and a mountain bike?

I have no idea what you mean by "gear bike", so the question can't be answered.

Is there a Difference between mountain bike and dirt bike tube?

The difference is that the mountain bike tube is much burlier and wider than the dirt jump tube but may not be as strong in terms of hard hitting strength.

What is the difference between dirt bike helmets and ATV helmets?

Mountain bike helmets are better than dirt bike helmets

Is 10 mph on a mountain bike fast?

Not particularly, 10 mph is below average sprinting speed. The record speed on a mountain bike is above 100mph.

How do you get a lamborghini aventador in Need for speed the run?

Mountain bike

The Difference between construction downhill mountain bike cross-country?

A DH bike is heavier, stronger, has a slacker steering angle and plusher suspension. The XC bike is lighter, more responsive, weaker and has less travel in its suspension.

What is the main difference between a road bike and a regular bike?

Really depends on what you mean by a "regular bike". But road bikes tend to be lighter, more slender and focused more on speed than everyday usefullness compared to a regular bike.

What is the best mountain bike tires for the 18 speed mountain bike?

There are a few good mountain bikes tires that would suit a 18 speed bike. I would go to a bike store and ask.there's different tires for what type of riding you doing but everyone have their own way they like their bikes from handle bars to tires. There's no best part. It's just what's good for you

Whats the difference between scooter and pocket bike?

The difference between a scooter and a pocket bike is the speed capability. The pocket bike is small in size but it can achieve speeds over 80 mph in some cases. The scooter has a governor that does not let it go past 45 mph in most cases, and the motor is not set up to run fast like the pocket bike.

What is the difference between a road bike and a cruiser bike?

A road bike offers a more preformance-oriented, streamlined hunched over riding position and bike design, while a cruiser bike has the rider more upright and is more set up for comfort than speed.

The best mountain bike computer?

IMO there isn't that much practical difference between similarly priced bike computers. Find one with the features you want and a user interface you like and you're good to go.

How do you do a wheeler on a gear bike?

Pick a gear that gives you the right ratio, then go for it. No difference than from a single-speed bike.