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Not particularly, 10 mph is below average sprinting speed. The record speed on a mountain bike is above 100mph.

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Q: Is 10 mph on a mountain bike fast?
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How fast are you biking?

You usually bike anywhere between 10 mph and 18 mph. I have a cousin who can go over 22 mph on his bike. My personal best is 17.5 mph. You'll usually go slower if you're on a mountain bike trail than you would if you go on a paved road. hope that answers your question! ciao

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How long does it take to bike 7 miles at 10 mph?

7 miles / 10 mph = 7/10 hour, or 42 minutes

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How long to ride a bike 10 miles?

It depends on how fast you can ride a bike!

At 20 mph how long to bike 10 miles?

1/2 hour

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24 minues.