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What is the difference between a physical therapist and physical therapy technician?


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As a therapist I have never heard of a physical therapy technician.... This is a new one on me. Go to this link to first determine the difference between a physical therapy assistant and a physical therapy aide.


After searching a bit it seems that the programs offered for PT technicians sound very similar to those for physical therapy assistants, however when I searched the American Physical Therapy Association's website for "Physical Therapy Technician, nothing came up...

From FAQ's on the website of The American Physical Therapy Association (http:/

I heard about online PT Aide programs; are these accredited? No. CAPTE accredits only physical therapist and physical therapist assistant programs. What is CAPTE? (Also from the APTA website)

The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) is an accrediting agency that is nationally recognized by the US Department of Education (USDE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). CAPTE grants specialized accreditation status to qualified entry-level education programs for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants. The literature is very clear on the legal difference between PT, PTA's and PT aides. I would start there and research the PT Technician title/degree more in depth. Best regards,

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about $60,000 or $70,000 dollars!! a tech requires no degree. a physical therapist requires a doctorate degree. just a little difference!

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nothing. same thing. physical therapist is just more commonly used in the U.S.

a physical therapist specializes in exercises and treatments to repair the body the occupationaly therapist helps a person with a handicap live their lives normally by use of assistive devices and splinting

A physical therapist assistant is licensed and has a college degree. A physical therapist aide does not required a license or college degree. The PTA can assist patients with exercises, walking, and modalities such as electric stim, ultrasound, and diathermy. The PT tech or aide usually has jobs such as showing exercises to patients, transporting patients, and cleaning duties.

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It all depends on the individual State requirements. Each State in the US regulates physical therapists, and depending on which State you are working in, you will have the designation of PT or MD physical therapist.Check with your local State board as to which one they regulate.

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Resp tech have gone by the wayside. They are just unlicensed personnel that are going through RT school. The name is also used for older therapist that only posses the CRT certification. These persons were grandfathered in. RRT credential is what makes someone a respiratory therapist

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In Canada the difference between an engineering technician and an engineering technologist is a technologist has more training in Science, Mathematics, and is required to write a thesis.

An operator is trained to use the equipment, the technician is trained to fix it

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I think you mean massage therapist, not message therapist. To add the term therapist emphasizes the therapeutic aspects of massage. There is no difference except when governmental entities issue licences, within their jurisdiction they may establish criteria and label the professional as a Massage Therapist.

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The U.S. Department of Labor makes no mention of a physical therapist technician. What they do provide in detail is information particular to physical therapist assistants and aids as follows.Physical therapist assistants and aides help physical therapists to provide treatment that improves patient mobility, relieves pain, and prevents or lessens physical disabilities of patients. A physical therapist might ask an assistant to help patients exercise or learn to use crutches, for example, or an aide to gather and prepare therapy equipment. Patients include accident victims and individuals with disabling conditions such as lower-back pain, arthritis, heart disease, fractures, head injuries, and cerebral palsy. Physical therapist assistants perform a variety of tasks. Under the direction and supervision of physical therapists, they provide part of a patient's treatment. This might involve exercises, massages, electrical stimulation, paraffin baths, hot and cold packs, traction, and ultrasound. Physical therapist assistants record the patient's responses to treatment and report the outcome of each treatment to the physical therapist. Physical therapist aides help make therapy sessions productive, under the direct supervision of a physical therapist or physical therapist assistant. They usually are responsible for keeping the treatment area clean and organized and for preparing for each patient's therapy. When patients need assistance moving to or from a treatment area, aides push them in a wheelchair or provide them with a shoulder to lean on. Because they are not licensed, aides do not perform the clinical tasks of a physical therapist assistant in States where licensure is required. The duties of aides include some clerical tasks, such as ordering depleted supplies, answering the phone, and filling out insurance forms and other paperwork. The extent to which an aide or an assistant performs clerical tasks depends on the size and location of the facility. For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (U.S. Department of Labor) indicated below this answer box.

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The difference between a medical assistant and a medical technician is that an assistant has more responsibilities than a technician does. A medical technicians main duties are to check the vitals of patients.

As a happily employed speech pathologist, I can tell you that the two terms are interchangable. There is no difference between them.

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