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What is the difference between a processor and a microprocessor?

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Look; A processor is a very general term. Take a look at what wikipedia has to say about a processor, it gives you a disambiguation page, because the term can refer to so many things. Generally, processor would be "the part of a computer that interprets (and executes) instructions". A microprocessor, is a CPU that is in just one IC (chip). For example, the CPU in a PC is in a chip so it can also be refered to as microprocessor. The GPU core (of the graphics card) is also a chip so it could also be called a microprocessor (though the GPU is less flexible and is optimized to only one task, than the CPU which handles a large number of very different tasks). Microprocessors would also be the northbridge, southbridge, or any other chips that hold a CPU of some kind. I believe it has come to be called a microprocessor, because in the older days processors would nomally be implemented in many ICs, so it was considered quite a feat to include the whole CPU in one chip that they called it a "microprocessor" I had some difficulty distinguishing between other associated, similar terms too, but don't pay too much attention to it, because nobody else really does.

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Difference between microprocessor and macroprocessor?

· Difference Between :- § micro processor is a integrated circuit on a chip while macro processor is a program, § macro processor is a software entity while micro processor is a hardware entity. § Macro processor reads all files and scans for certain keywords while microprocessor performs arithmetic and logic operations.

What is the difference between a microprocessor and a Pentium processor?

Nothing, a Pentium Processor, or any other processor for that matter, is merely a brand name for different microprocessors.

What is the difference between an Intel 8086 and a Motorola 68000 microprocessor?

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What is difference between fpga and microprocessor?

Now FPGAs are having builtin processor like PPC and more either in hardcore or softcore. Main difference between processor and FPGA is execution Processor is sequencial execution but FPGAs are concurrent so speed of FPGA is much higher than a high speed processor.

Differences between microcontroller and microprocessor?

difference between the micro processor and micro controler micro controller in directly connet in keybord and input out put devce and micro microprocessor is not connect directly microprocessor is connect in circuit board ROM ,ram etc

What is the difference between the 8086 and the 8087?

The 8086 was a microprocessor, the 8087 was a floating point co-processor chip which could be used with the 8086.

What is the difference between a micro processor and a macro processor?

What is the difference between a micro processor and a macro processor?

Microprocessor is single chip processor or multi chip?

Microprocessor is a single chip processor.

Is microprocessor and processor is same thing?

No, a microprocessor is just a processor but really really small

What is the difference between atom processor and dual core?

what is difference between atom processor dual core processor

What is the difference between transistor and processor?

Transistor is an tiny electronic device called electronic switch,which is building block of a processor. Processor is a data processing device consists of thousands or millions of transistors. Eg- Intel 8086 microprocessor has around 29000 transistors.

What is the difference between processor and processor?

absolutely nothing

What is relationship between microprocessor and microcomputer?

In Basic: A microprocessor is the main "brain" of a micro computer. The processor is the toll that allocates the task the computer has todo.

What is the difference between conditional and control flags in 8086 microprocessor?

control flags will be set or reset only by the processor. and conditional flags will be controlled(set /reset) by the programmer.

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What is the main difference between a microprocessor and a micro computer?

microprocessor is the cpu and micro computer can be a pc

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What is the difference between a microprocessor and human brain?

or and brain

Is a CPU the same thing as a processor?

No. A CPU is an example of a microprocessor, but microprocessor can be used for other things besides the main processor of a computer.

What is the difference between dual core processor and duo processor?

There is no technological difference but the only difference should be how it is phrased

Difference between a 8 bit microprocessor and 64-bit microprocessor?

It is depended on how many bits the processor can process simultaneous... Means 8 bit microprocessor can process 8 bit of data simultaneously... & also it has 8 line data bus.. to transfer the data between memory & IO devices.... In same way for 64 bit..

What is microprocessor architecture?

Microprocessor Architecture is the design of Processor's functioning. It defines how devices are controlled, Execution of Data, Physical connectivity between units & components on the Processor.

What is the advantages and disadvantages of 8086 microprocessor?

The advantages of the 8086 microprocessor was the processor was small enough for the individual user. The disadvantage of the processor was the limited uses.

What is the difference between PLC and microprocessor?

It's nothing but the SAME