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What is the difference between a processor and a microprocessor?

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2015-03-18 11:15:18

Look; A processor is a very general term. Take a look at what

wikipedia has to say about a processor, it gives you a

disambiguation page, because the term can refer to so many things.

Generally, processor would be "the part of a computer that

interprets (and executes) instructions". A microprocessor, is a CPU

that is in just one IC (chip). For example, the CPU in a PC is in a

chip so it can also be refered to as microprocessor. The GPU core

(of the graphics card) is also a chip so it could also be called a

microprocessor (though the GPU is less flexible and is optimized to

only one task, than the CPU which handles a large number of very

different tasks). Microprocessors would also be the northbridge,

southbridge, or any other chips that hold a CPU of some kind. I

believe it has come to be called a microprocessor, because in the

older days processors would nomally be implemented in many ICs, so

it was considered quite a feat to include the whole CPU in one chip

that they called it a "microprocessor" I had some difficulty

distinguishing between other associated, similar terms too, but

don't pay too much attention to it, because nobody else really


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