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A shower curtain is for decor and hung on the outside of the bathtub/shower. Whereas a shower curtain liner is hung on the inside of the tub/shower to protect the shower curtain. In simpler terms...SHOWER CURTAIN: gets to hang and look pretty and be dry. SHOWER CURTAIN LINER: protects shower curtain from getting wet because it's the one getting wet!

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a shower curtain goes on the outside and a shower liner goes on the inside so the shower curtain wont get wet

I can consider it to be both.

I would use a white mildew resistant shower curtain liner behing the Ruffles shower curtain.

A shower curtain liner made of vinyl or nylon and that is machine washable and bleach tolerant is the best choice. Ecopreme is a new chlorine free, environmentally friendly shower curtain. The best selection I have seen is at

There are two rods on the Double Crescent Shower Curtain Rod. The outer rod is for a shower curtain and the inner rod is for a shower liner, usually made of plastic.

I guess it depends on what you mean by cheap. Shower curtains can range in price from six dollars to over fifty dollars. You will pay less if you look for what is called a shower curtain liner. These can be used alone as a shower curtain and range in color and thickness, but they are less expensive.

Magna-Lock is a safety product that tightly seals the shower curtain to both sides of the tub wall. Magna-Lock adheres to the tub wall with 3-M VHB waterproof adhesive tape. When the Magna-Lock is installed, you simply lift the handle and slide the shower curtain or shower liner in between the lock and let the handle down. By doing this simple step you eliminate water from escaping out on to the bathroom floor, which helps reduce slip and fall accidents. Also you will no longer have to deal with the curtain or liner blowing in on you while showering. The Magna-Lock will work with tub/shower combo or shower stall. There are videos to watch for installation and use at the Related Link, No tools are required and there is no damage to the wall surface if it is removed.

The difference is Rhino is a more grippier substance and Super Liner is more plastic.

This depends whether you are talking about the shower door liner or the lining of the back plates of certain mixers.

There’s more to choosing a shower curtain than simply finding a color that appeals to you. From a practical and functional perspective, you need to decide if a fabric type shower curtain would best meet your need or if a vinyl shower curtain would be the best choice. If you choose a fabric shower curtain, you will definitely want to go one step further and purchase a liner to go with the curtain. When selecting a shower curtain from a decorative perspective, there are more decisions to make. You have a choice as to how to hang the curtain. You can buy inexpensive, basic clear or silver hooks for your curtain or you can select more decorative hooks. Some shower curtains have a set of hooks that compliment the image on the curtain. For example, a curtain with a scene depicting horses would have a set of hooks shaped like horseshoes that you could purchase to make the ensemble more attractive. Inexpensive hooks can diminish the beauty and elegance of an expensive shower curtain. You can avoid the entire issue related to shower curtain rings and hooks by choosing a hookless curtain design. This looks more sophisticated and eliminates the issue of torn curtains and inappropriate hooks. Another decision you will need to make involves the manner in which you plan to display the curtain. If you plan to tie back the curtain or leave it pushed to the side, the entire design on the curtain will seldom be seen. If you intend to leave the shower curtain pulled across the tub, the curtain becomes a decorative wall in your bathroom. You will want to choose a design or color scheme and pattern that you believe will enhance the beauty of the bathroom just as art enhances the wall of a room. When a large portion of the curtain will be visible in the bathroom, it is decoratively attractive if you select accessories that match the curtain. You can usually find shower curtains that are part of a decorative set which includes towels, bath mats, and various other items which simplifies the shopping process.

Of all the bath accessories available, none is more important than the shower curtain. The shower curtain is usually the room’s focal point, and next to the walls, probably occupies more space than any other area in the bathroom. Shower curtains are first and foremost functional, but additionally, they can add a touch of beauty and style to any bathroom decor. These curtains can be found to suit any style, taste, design, or budget. A good shower curtain can be purchased at all major retail and department stores for $20 - $100. High-end designer shower curtains can be found at trendy boutiques and upscale stores. Curtains are made from a variety of materials. In informal bathrooms, particularly those that receive a lot of use, plastic or vinyl curtains would be a good option. For guest, master, and formal bathrooms, many opt for fabric, particularly cotton or linen. Silk curtains are sometimes chosen for the decorated and heavily accessorized bathroom. Shower curtains should reflect the style of the bathroom and the owner. For kids’ bathrooms, curtains are available in fun patterns, with popular characters, or in bold colors. Contemporary tastes can be satisfied with a muted pattern, or with a simple striped pattern. Solid color pastel or floral patterns are available, and remain a popular option. More elegant tastes are satisfied with textured patterns. Almost as important as the curtain itself is the liner. Liners come in an array of colors and are available in a handful of materials. Most liners today are made from plastic or vinyl. While these liners are relatively inexpensive and easy to care for, they may pose a problem when it’s time to dispose of them. An environmentally friendly option is to select a liner made from fabric. In addition to the elegant look and feel of fabric, these liners typically have a longer lifespan than those made from plastic or vinyl. When the fabric liner is dirty, they can simply be tossed into the washing machine. Many liners come with magnets which are used to secure the liner to the shower curtain. As with the shower curtain, always select a liner with grommets.

You can clean the cloth (or outer curtain) in the washing machine. You can clean the inner curtain (liner) with Clorox Clean up, its great, you don't even have to scrub. You can also use a mixture of 3 oz bleach to 1 gallon of water, add a teaspoon of TSP if you have it. (Trisodium Phosphate - sold in hardware stores). Hope this helped. -If you found this helpful, be sure to "Recommend" kevlarster

see this link for one answer

No, that is not common, but there are many different shower pans, so mistakes are possible.

The purpose of a shower curtain is to contain water - keeping it off the floor and the wall, especially if it is not covered in a waterproof surface material. One important factor in hanging the curtain is the height of the people showering. A tall person whose head is closer to the shower head will put a lot more water up and out of the shower enclosure than a shorter person. In the planning stages of a plumbing project, you can place the shower head higher than normal (nice for us tall folks, anyway) to minimize spray deflection. But if this is a case of a new curtain rod only, take note of where droplets remain after you shower, and plan to place the curtain rod where it will deflect the spray. This is unfair on taller people, however, as standard shower curtains can only be raised so far before they let water out the bottom! Perhaps you'll need to buy or make an extra-long curtain; maybe add coordinating fabric to the top or bottom of a standard curtain. If height is not an issue, hang a curtain liner on the rod and hold it up over the tub; the bottom of the liner should fall securely into the tub, but not lie on the bottom. Mark the bracket position and be sure to hang the rod level. Remember to keep close watch on the painted surfaces inside the shower enclosure: if your tile stops short of the spray-line, you'll be repainting more often to keep moisture out of the drywall. It is always a good practice to wipe walls after showering, to keep nasty things like mold and mildew at bay. Even the best latex paint is no match for standing water, and you certainly don't want your drywall compromised. Good luck! Jill Murtagh, Murtagh Interiors

The difference is the outside diameter, it is used for fitting the liner in the block as they are dry liners.

I just paid three times the normal price ($6+ vs. $2+) for a shower curtain liner that was 100% EVA. I am now trying to find out what EVA is and saw your question. I'm on my way to an answer and hope you are too!

Shower curtains are nice add ons for your bathroom. Showers curtains have the liners which are available in heavy, medium and light weights. In comparision to light liners, heavy liners can stand more stiff and upright. so in order to reduce the stiffness you can have a light liner. Rubberized curtains doesnt need liners at all.

polyester is the same thing as plastic. plastic is a type of polyester so it is still the same thing. polyester does repel water the same way plastic does too. plastic and polyester repel water equally

The center of the shower floor where the tile shower drain would normally be positioned ... drain base. After this step the sloped mortar bed should be ... pan liner or membrane in our instructions.

Apparently Duo Max is for harsh winter climates; Super Max is for harsh summer climates.

that is perfectly normal, take a shower and use a panty liner

in liner search the array is not mandatory to be a sorted array,but in binary search the array must be a sorted array.

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