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Colloids never sink to the bottom a suspension will eventually will

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What is the difference between solution colloid and suspension?

I think the solution colloid can get through the filter paper but suspension can't.

What is the difference between a solution suspension and a colloid?

A solution has only one phase.A suspension has two phases.A colloid has two phases but the colloidal particles have dimensions under 1 micrometre.

Is mustard a suspension or a colloid?

Mustard is a colloid and not a suspension!

What are the differences between a solution suspension and a colloid?

what are the differences between the volume of a solutions molecules and the colloid

Is whipped cream a suspension or colloid?

I think that it is a suspension

What is the similarities between colloid and suspension?

The path of light is visible through a colloid as well as a suspension when the suspended particles are not settled, that is , after vigorous shaking

Is cream a solution or suspension?

i think it's a colloid- which is the mixture that is in between a solution and suspension.

What is the scientific term for colloid mean?

Colloid means something that has properties in between solution and suspension.

Is glue a colloid solution or suspension?

Some are colloid, some are suspension.

Is blood a solution suspension or a colloid?

is blood a solution, suspension, or colloid

Is toothpaste a suspension?

Toothpaste is not a simple suspension but a Colloid suspension. A Colloid suspension is a suspension that has microscopic particles suspended in another substance.

What is the difference between a colloid and a suspension?

The dimensions of colloids are between 1 nm and 1 000 nm. The dimensions of suspensions are greater than 1 micrometer.

Is candle a colloid If yes what type of colloid is it?

No it is not a colloid. Colloid is a kind of solution in which the size of solute particles is intermediate between those in true solutions and those in suspension.

Is a colloid a single compound or not?

A colloid is not a single compound; it is a mixture with properties between those of a solution and fine suspension.

Is syrup and water a solution suspension or colloid?

Is syrup and water a solution suspension or colloid

How is a suspension different from colloid?

Suspension has particles, same as colloids. However, the particles in a suspension do not settle down but if is no so for the colloid.

Is a minute particles is a suspension colloid or solution?

Depending on the particles dimension: - between 1 and 1000 nm is a colloid - above 1000 nm is a suspension - the solution hasn't visible particles

Is salt water a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

Is salt water a colloid emulsion solution or suspension?

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