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A trampoline bounces, and an accordian plays music.......................................................................................

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What is the difference between an accordion and a piano accordion?

A piano accordion has as mall piano keybored on the side of it whereas an normal accordion does not. I hope this helped!

What is the difference between a banjo accordion sitar and ukulele?

The accordion does not have strings. The banjo has a tight skin that vibrates with the strings. The ukulele uses the thin wood for the vibration.

Whats the difference between the foot band and the foot spring trampolines?

A band trampoline uses elastic bands, while a spring trampoline uses metal springs. The ones that contain bands tend to be safer.

What is the difference between 'key' and 'button'?

The difference, as far as accordions are concerned, is that a button accordion has keys that look like buttons, that is little round things, while a "piano" accordion has keys that look like piano keys. Also, the button accordion tends to be smaller and to be diatonic rather than chromatic. Some button accordions may even have sweetly untempered scales.

When do you excersise after eating food?

you shouldn't exercise until at least 30 minutes after eating any meal, just like the trampoline and swimming rule, I mean what's the difference between swimming and going on a trampoline they are all exercise.

How do you get past level 16 on circus acrobat?

on level 16 put the curved trampoline under the man almost touching the ground and the flat trampoline in between the rings and you might have to move the trampoline around.

What is an accordion player?

An accordion player - also known as an accordionist - is a musician who plays the accordion.

When was the accordion invented?

The accordion was invented in 1829.

How long does it take to break in an accordion?

You don't "break in" an accordion. Chances are if your accordion is not working it is already broken

How much does an accordion cost?


Where can you get accordion repair?

The best place to get your accordion repaired is from your local accordion repairer if possible. This may not always be the case and so your next best option is to try and contact the manufacturer of your accordion. Whatever you do, do not attempt to repair your accordion yourself if you're not sufficiently qualified as you could damage your accordion more. It is important to understand a few basics of accordion repair and if you look after your accordion properly it will not need a lot of repair work.

Does a kangoeroe on a trampoline jump higher than a kangoeroe on a trampoline which stands on a trampoline?

I guess not, the trampoline on the trampoline doesnt have any grip on the ground so the kangaroo doesnt have a grip

What else is the accordion known as?

The accordion is also known as the squeeze box.

When and where was the accordion made?

The accordion was first invented in Germany in 1822.

Who invented the accordion?

In 1829, Cyrill Demian invented the accordion.

When was Accordion Player created?

Accordion Player was created in 1888.

When was The Soul of the Accordion created?

The Soul of the Accordion was created in 1935.

Did the button and piano accordion get made at the same time?

The button accordion was invented in 1829 by Cyril Damien while the piano accordion was invented in 1852 by French accordion maker Bouton.

What is a trampoline bed?

A trampoline bed or trampoline mat as it also reffered to as is the canvas sheet that you bounce on. The trampoline bed is attached to the springs to create bounce. You can purchase replacement trampoline beds to restore the performance and safety of your trampoline if it becomes worn or damaged.

What is Dutch for trampoline?

canvas is dutch for trampoline

How do you say they broken trampoline in Punjabi?

unnone trampoline tod diti is how u say it in punjabi.

Which is better a Band trampoline or a Spring trampoline We are getting on for our children for Christmas they are 4yrs old 5yrs old and 13yrs old Is one better than the other for younger children?

springg trampoline when you buy the trampoline make sure to get a net springg trampoline when you buy the trampoline make sure to get a net springg trampoline when you buy the trampoline make sure to get a net

Who invented the accordion in 1829?

Cyril Damien invented the accordion in 1829.

What other name is the accordion known as?


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