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What is the difference between amplifier and repeater?

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it is tempting to compare a repeater to an amplifier, but the comparision is inaccurate. according to Forouzan, an amplifier cannot discriminate between the intended signal and noise; it amplifies equally everything fed into it. a repeater does not amplify the signal; it regenerates the signal. when it receives a weakened or corrupted signal, it creates a copy, bit for bit, at the original strength.

a repeater is a regenerator; not an amplifier

a repeater forwards every bit; it has no filtering capability

a repeater connects segments of a LAN

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What is the difference between optical amplifier and repeater?

Difference between Amplifier and Repeater 1. Amplifier is used to magnify a signal, whereas repeater is used to receive and retransmit a signal with a power gain. 2. Repeater has an amplifier as a part of it. 3. Sometimes, amplifiers introduce some noise to the signal, whereas repeaters contain noise eliminating parts.

What is an amplifier repeater?

A repeater that does not distinguish between noise and signal; it amplifies both.

How is a repeater different from an amplifier?

A signal repeater is designed to extend the input signal for longer lengths than the original cable design. It encorporates an amplifier to boost the signal.

Difference between bridge and repeater?

A bridge acts as "bridge" between two networks or network subnets. A repeater merely strengthens the signal. You can have a repeater that only acts on one wire.

What is the difference between a Hub and a Repeater?

A hub is a multi-port repeater. Therefore, the difference is that a repeater has only 2 ports and a hub has more than two ports. Other than that, they operate identically.

Which device amplifies the incoming signal and noise?

Amplifier repeater

What is the difference between normal amplifier and magnetic amplifier?

normal amplifier is a mathametical operation analog the computer, magnetic amplifier is sound operation of the signal

What is the Difference between amplifier and preamplifier?

3 letters

What is the difference between single stage amplifier and multi stage amplifier?

A multistage amplifier is composed of several single stage amplifiers.

What are the Difference Between AF Amplifier and RF Amplifier?

The amp for audio freq. is a AF amplifier. The RF amp is for radio freqs.

Difference between oscillator and amplifier?

An amplifier is usually stabilized by means of negative feedback. An oscillator is an amplifier which is made unstable by means of positive feedback.

What is Difference between Amplifier and Oscillator?

Amplifier amplifies the input signal whereas an Oscillator generates a sinusoidal signal!

What is the difference between regenerator and repeater?

In packet networking, a re-generator takes the existing radio signal and boosts it whereas a repeater interprets the data and re-sends it.

How does an differential amplifier works?

Electricians will tell you that a differential amplifier is a type of electronic amplifier that amplifies the difference between two voltages but does not change the particular voltages.

Compare the characteristics of amplifier and repeater with respect to noiseand provide examples for the applications of such devices?


What is the difference between oscillator and amplifier?

An oscillator will generate a waveform. An amplifier takes a small wave and 'amplifies' it to a big wave.

Whats the main difference between small signal amplifier and large signal amplifier?

1.Small signal amplifier can be designed easily using s parameter while large signal amplifier not.

Difference between amplifier and feedback amplifier?

An ordinary amplifier can have high gain but is unstable, drifts, can oscillate, etc. An amplifier with negative feedback has lower gain but is stable, does not drift, won't oscillate, etc.

What is the difference between 4 and 8 ohms as it relates to sound?

It has to do with the load on the amplifier, you can't hear the difference.

What is the difference between differential amplifier and summing amplifier?

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What does a cellular repeater do?

A cellular repeater is a tiny device used in cellphones in order to maintain a connection. The device works on the same principles as an amplifier and is used to enhance the battery life of the cellphone.

What are the difference between Erbrium doped fiber amplifier and semi-conductor amplifier?

A doped fiber amplifier amplifies light in the fiber as a LASER.A semiconductor amplifier is an electronic circuit that amplifies electrical signals.

What is the difference between a barrel connector and a repeater in terms of data transmission over bus topology network?


Difference between inverting and non inverting amplifier?

differnece between inverting and non-inverting amplifiers

What is the difference between amplifier and operational amplifier?

An ordinary amplifier is the one which amplifies the input signal alone.. but an Operational amplifier performs the functions of summing, inverting, differentiation, integrating, division, multiplication etc..of the input signal..