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A wireless transmitter is the part the plugs into the guitar and a wireless receiver in the part that plugs into the amplifier.

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Q: What is the thing called that you plug in your guitar and amp so there is no cable?
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How do you connect electric guitar?

guitar to cable to amplifier there is a 1/4 stereo or mono jack you plug the cable into , from there plug the other end into the amplifier and press on

How do you unplug your guitar cable from your electric guitar without ruining the nut or any internals?

You won't ruin anything within your guitar if you remove your guitar cable from it! We guitarist plug and unplug cables from guitars all the time!

Where do you get the adapter for your xbox 360 guitar hero so you can go from a round plug to a usb plug?

What is the game called that you plug in your electric guitar into and play?

guitar hero?

How do you hook up the Guitar Hero guitar on a ps2?

It Depends what guitar you have. If it is wireless then plug the receiver into the slot in the PS2 where you would normally plug in your games controller. If it is not wireless I would guess that you plug it into the USB cable place. The will turn on when you turn the PS2 on. (to turn on the guitar, press the START button)

How do you hook up guitar hero to playstation?

Plug in the dongle, or cable, then press PS button

What is the right way to plug in an electric guitar into an amp so that it works?

There are many types of guitar effects and volume pedals. The cable from the guitar is plugged into the jack marked IN and another cable is plugged into the one labled OUT and then plugged into the Amplifier.

How do you unplug your guitar cable from your electric guitar if it is stuck?

You can try to rotate the plug to see if it loosens a bit. If it doesn't, your best bet is unscrewing the screws that are holding the jack connector in place. You can then easily unplug the cable.

What is the part of a guitar that you plug your amp into called?

The input socket.

What is the cable called that you use to plug your iPod touch into the computer?

dock connector cable

Lost guitar hero plug for ps2. the game is called guitar hero world tour.?


Does the Guitar Hero 3 guitar work with world tour?

yes it does work with world tour.also if you plug your telephone cable into the socet on the guitar it will bring up a function that lets you download more songs