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an hd dvd player is high definition so you get a better clearer picture a ordinary dvd player is stardard def

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The difference between optical and non optical is the way the drive in the DVD reads the disk. Optical is a better and more higher quality reader. So the picture is much better.

A portable cd player will only play cds. A portable dvd player will play dvds, as well as cds. A dvd player is mostly different in that it will play movies.

An LCD TV DVD is basically just an LCD TV with a DVD player built into it. However, a blueray player is different because first of all, it is not built into the tv and is a separate component. Secondly, it is a higher quality DVD player.

The difference is what the movie discs do. The stores can help you learn what the real difference is. I don't know what the price difference is. They are both good.

A car player means that the player is built into the car. A portable DVD player can only be played in the car by connecting a DV-power cable to the car battery.

The difference between the DVD-R and DVD-Ram is that, DVD-R does Writing and Reading of information and DVD-Ram does Reading only.

There is no difference - they both mean DVD recordable

The resolution on a Blu Ray player is high, and thus the quality is better.

There's not much of a difference in size, but if you put a PS2 disk into a DVD player, you probably just get the audio, if anything. This is very rare.

No. There is a huge difference between the lasers (a 130 nanometer difference, to be precise). In short, the two formats use different lasers, and the CD player cannot handle DVD.

I think there have some difference of no. Pins..

dvd audio, is no picture just the sound...dvd video, is picture

There are some major differences between Blu Ray players and DVD players. Among the most important is that you cannot play a Blu Ray disk on a regular DVD player.

A blu ray player plays blue ray discs which hold about 10 times the storage capacity of a normal DVD so the picture quality is a lot better while a DVD player only plays DVDs.

In short, Data DVD only can be played in computer, and DVD can be played on both DVD play and computer.

The functionality of laptop, desktop and netbook are the same. The difference between netbook and laptop is the size. difference is the physical size and weight. Netbooks are much smaller and lighter, more portable and no DVD player!

The difference is that the Blue-ray player records info in blue rays which have a shorter wavelenght so they can record and improve sound and picture. The DVD player records in red rays which have a longer wavelnght so picture and sound are watered down.

A car DVR can apply the evidence when something happens during driving, it is very helpful.

No you can play normal DVD's but the picture would be alot better if you did buy HD DVD's.

In terms of storage capacity, DVD+ and DVD- are identical. However, DVD+ and DVD- have slightly different coding formats.

Up-converting refers to the scaling of a standard definition signal such as a DVD output to an HD video format. It does NOT make a DVD into a high definition player and the image quality is not improved with the conversion. A Bluray player will play Bluray discs in HD quality as Bluray discs store HD video content.

I have an blu ray player myself and to be honest i cant really see the difference between DVD and blu ray