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Would a HD DVD play on a DVD with HDMi?

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To play a HD DVD you need a HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not play a HD DVD, nor will a Blu-ray player.

HDMI is just a connection: it won't give your standard DVD player superpowers.

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What kind of DVD player for HDMI?

An "upscaling" DVD player will have an HDMI output, as will a Blu-Ray player and an HD-DVD player (although HD-DVD is a dead format now).

Do high devinition dvd's play in ps3?

does hd DVD play on PS3Sorry no, they have to be "blu ray" a Regular DVD will play at near HD quality when played through the PS3 to an HDMI connected HDTV.

Do you have to buy HD DVD films or can you play ordinary DVD films on a HD DVD player?

No you can play normal DVD's but the picture would be alot better if you did buy HD DVD's.

Can you play an HD DVD on a regular DVD player?

No, regular DVD players can not play HD DVDs. We need an HD DVD player. - Neeraj Sharma

Does a regular DVD player play HD DVDs?

A regular DVD player will not play HD DVD discs. You will need an HD DVD player to use these DVDs.

Can you play a HD DVD on a DVD player?

No you can not as DVD drives do not have the sufficent Codecs and Hardware to play/support HD DVD Discs


High definition TV (HD TV) offers a higher quality picture and sound then none HD TV sets. HD TVs are equipped with HDMI inputs that receive the HD signals from HD devices like HD DVD players, Blu-ray players, and video game systems. To play from the HDMI input press the HDMI button on the remote control. A HDMI cable is necessary for each device to connect each high definition devices to the HD LED TV set.

Do you need a HD DVD player to watch HD films on a HD television?

Yes. You also need HDMI cables to connect the two.

Can a dvd drive play HD DVDs?

No, due to technical differences, only a HD DVD drive can play HD DVDs.

What do you need to connect a DVD/VCR combo to an HD tv?

In order to get the full HD experience you need an HDMI cable to connect a DVD/VCR combo to an HDTV.

Is there an accessory that would allow the Playstation 3 to play Hd Dvds also?

Playstation 3 will play HD DVDs. You do not need an accessory to have the HD DVD work.

Hdmi ps3?

HDMI is a cable that connects to a HD tv HDMI makes the p33 display in HD

Can blu ray DVD player play HD DVD?

No and HD DVDs have been discontinued.

How many video inputs does a Toshiba HD DvD player have?

A Toshiba HD dvd player typically have at least 3 inputs which consists of a av input, an hdmi input, and a dv input. This number can vary depending on the model of the HD dvd player.

Are Toshiba HD DVD players better than a PS3 for playing HD?

HD DVD players can only play HD DVDs whereas a PS3 can play standard and HD DVDs, as well as Blu-Ray discs. You would be better off with the PS3 as it can play games as well, if you ever want to play those, too.

What is a HDMI port for xbox 360?

HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface which is a cable you can use to play game in HD 720p,1080p and 1080i on a HD full TV or HD ready

Can you upgrade your HD DVD player to play Blu-ray discs?

HD DVD and Bluray are both high definition disc formats but they were not only competitive formats but incompatible formats as well. While the battle for the HD market was in progress a handful of players were sold that would support both formats. These players were expensive and very few were ever sold. Unfortunately, HD DVD only players will not play Bluray and Bluray players will not play HD DVD discs. It is still worth keeping HD DVD players as they are the only players capable of HD DVD discs.

What is an HDMI splitter?

An HDMI splitter allows multiple HDMI sources to share a HD display. These are needed when you need to split a signal with gaming devices, DVD players, and other entertainment devices.

Can you play a HD DVD in a DVD player?

HD DVD discs can only be played in an HD DVD player. A standard DVD player will not recognize the disc. HD DVD is no longer manufactured with Bluray becoming the single HD disc format supported. Unfortunately, HD DVD cannot be played in Bluray players either. If you want to playback HD DVD, Macgo Blu-ray Player could playback HD DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

Do you need the HDMI cable for the PS3?

no you do not have to have an hdmi for ps3 but i would recommend it to play your games in hd because hdmi stands for hi-definition multimedia interface. The HDMI cable is for the PS3 to connect to HDTVs and is not needed for standard TVs which do not even have HDMI inputs. If your TV has HDMI inputs you need to purchase a HDMI cable before you spend your money on a new game, Movie, download or anything else because it is not giving you a picture from the PS3 in HD

What can you play HD DVDS on?

An HD-DVD player or if you get the external drive for the 360, but warning if you dont know HD-DVD is dead and lost the war.

What does the HDMI cable for the Xbox do that the tv imput cable that comes with the Xbox does not?

The HDMI allows you to play game in HD, as long as you have a HD ready television, whereas a standard cable does not... G.T. Felpsy

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