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Dual meaning vs MD...and where you live in the World The former can either be a particular form of nurse with advanced education and certified to perform anesthesiology(anaesthesiology) with doctor supervision, OR a medical doctor board certified in anesthesiology(anaesthesiology); the latter is always a doctor(unless referred to as a "nurse anesthesiologist")...former term mostly used in UK Answer from EnglishangelIn the UK the doctor is an anesthetist (actually spelt anaesthetist over here).

We don't use the word anesthesiologist though we do know what it means thanks to ER, Gray's Anatomy etc.

Incidentally a senior surgeon is not called Dr in the UK. A man is called Mr... and a woman is Miss....(or whatever).

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Q: What is the difference between an anesthetist and an anesthesiologist?
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What is the difference between anesthesiologist anf anesthesia technician?

The anesthesiologist is an MD doctor, while the anesthetist and anesthesia tech. are not.

What is an anesthetist nurse?

Anesthesiologist Nurse

What kind of doctor puts people to sleep?

An anesthesiologist or anesthetist.

What is the title of the person who puts you to sleep before surgery?

Anesthesiologist or Anesthetist.

What is the medical term meaning a physician who specializes in administering anesthetic agents?

This type of doctor is called an anesthesiologist. An anesthesiologist is an MD; an anesthetist is an RN (nurse).

What is the difference between a pain doctor and an anesthesiologist?

one has a needle

What is the title of a nurse who works with an anesthesiologist?

A Nurse who works with an Physician who specializes in Anesthesiology (Anethesiologist) is called a Nurse Anesthetist.

Can an anesthesiologist work as a nurse anesthetist?

Can he(she) do the work ... sure. But they both have separate licensing procedures and tests that must be passed.

How much school is required for an Anesthetist?

For a nurse anesthetist, they must first obtain their R.N. degree, which takes 4 years. Then they go for another two years to become an R.N.A. (Registered Nurse Anesthetist). For an anesthesiologist, they first must become a physician, which requires 4 years of pre-med, then 4 years of medical school, then they have to go for another 2 years to become an anesthesiologist.

How do you spell anistigeologist?

The medical doctor who provides anesthesia is an anesthesiologist. (also anesthetist)(The chiefly UK spelling is anaesthesiologist / anaesthetist.)

What kind of training do you need to become an anesthesiologist?

To become an anesthesiologist you have to first graduate from college with a science degree. Second step attend and graduate from medical school. After graduating from medical school, you have to apply to Residency Programs in the specialty...such as the anesthesiologist or internal medicine or oncology, etc. Another option is a Nurse Anesthetist. This requires graduating from a 4 year college with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The Graduate Program would be for a Nurse Anesthetist.

What are the similarities between registered nurse and a nurse anesthetist?

They both have a full basic training as a qualified nurse. Only the nurse anesthetist has specialized further as a anesthetist's assistant during operations.

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