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The engagement ring is initially given as a promise to a commitment. The wedding band then is given to honor the commitment. When the wedding band is given it replaces the engagement ring in the closest position to the heart on the wedding finger.
Wedding ring is the real thing. Like, the one you give her in the church &its like a symbol of your love or something. Engagement ring is the one you give to her for proposal, its like saying, "I want to marry you." Hope I helped :]

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An Engagement ring is usually given as a promise to get married in the future. The Wedding band is given during the wedding ceremony to "seal the deal." The difference between the two is that usually the engagement ring has a large diamond in it and the wedding band is smaller and may or may not come with smaller diamonds in it. The wedding band should fit snuggly next to the engagement ring. Please see the resources/links section to see the difference between JUST an engagement ring and an engagement ring with a wedding band to complete the wedding set.

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An engagement ring is given to someone at the time of a marriage proposal and the most common type has a diamond or another type of gemstone. It is worn on the third finger of the left hand.

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Q: What is the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band?
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Related questions

How can you tell the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band in terms of appearance?

A wedding band is most usually a gold or silver band with no protruding Gemstone. An engagement ring most usually has a gemstone mounted.

What is the difference between wedding rings engagement rings and?

When my husband and I started out he gave me a promise ring (promise to stay true to me) then when we got engaged he gave me my engagement ring that has a lifted stone next when we got married he put my wedding band on the same finger with my engagement ring during the ceremony.. we bought the engagement and wedding band as a bridal set

What is the difference between engagement rings and bridal sets?

When you just want to buy an engagement ring it's one ring and a set has the engagement ring and the wedding band to match as a set.

What is the order in wearing an engagement ring and wedding band?

The engagement right is worn outside the wedding band.

Why is the wedding band place in front of the engagement ring?

the wedding band locks in the promise signified by the engagement ring

Should you wear your wedding band first then engagement ring?

First, you put on the wedding band. Then, the engagement ring goes on as a protector.

What do you do with an engagement ring after the wedding?

You wear it over your wedding band as though it were guarding the wedding band.

Should you show her the wedding band you bought with the engagement ring?

Sometimes the engagement ring and wedding band come together, but whether or not it does or doesn't you can certainly show her the wedding band.

Should you wear your engagement ring during your wedding ceremony?

typically a woman does not wear the engagement ring during the ceremony. she is given a wedding band by her husband, and after the wedding the engagement ring in placed in front of the band.

Do you have to buy engagement ring and wedding band together?

no. you buy the engagement ring, then you go to bands-r-us and buy the wedding band.

How do I wear my engagement and wedding rings?

Wedding band first, then engagement ring. The wedding band should be worn closer to the heart, because it is more of a commitment. The engagement ring should not be worn at the ceremony or it can be worn on the right hand and put on after the wedding ring/band. & on the left hand on your ring finger. (next to pinkie)

Does the man wear his wedding band during engagement?

No, he doesn't wear his wedding band until after the wedding.

What ring is worn closest to the hand engagement or wedding band?

The wedding ring is adorned first, followed by the engagement ring. This make the wedding band closer to the woman's heart.

Does the engagement ring go first or the wedding band?

Personal choice I think. I wear my wedding ring first and then my engagement ring

Difference between a wedding and engagement ring?

Engagement rings are traditionally given to the lady upon proposal and are usually larger often featuring a centre diamond or gemstone with smaller side stones. Wedding rings, however, are worn by both the male and female and are exchanged on their wedding day. Generally, wedding rings are simpler bands, sometimes the female band features smaller gemstones and are often designed to fit the engagement ring.

Can your engagement ring be your wedding band?

The best way to do that is by buying bridal sets. The engagement ring has been used by brides in the past as the wedding ring. The best way is to get a simple band for the wedding so as not to overpower the engagement ring.

Should an eternity ring be worn above or below a wedding band and engagement ring?

* Generally an Eternity Ring is worn on another finger where it is on it's own and shows up more than crowded in with an engagement ring and wedding band, but there are no rules that you can't wear it on your wedding band finger and it should go below the wedding band and engagement ring.

Who pays for the womans wedding band?

The groom usually buys the engagement ring and the wedding band to go with it.

Do you give both wedding band and engagement ring at proposal?

No, You only give an engagement ring when you propose. You give a wedding ring at your wedding ceremony.

Does the engagement ring get removed when the wedding band is given?

Yes, so that the wedding band can be placed closest to the heart. 2. The engagement ring during the ceremony is placed on the brides right finger. Once the wedding band is given the bride then moves the engagement ring back to the left

Is engagement ring same as wedding band?

No... an engagement ring is given when someone asks to marry you, you wear it to show you are betrothed or promised to someone. The wedding band you will get on your wedding day, and you will put it on the same finger as your engagement ring, though the band is more plain, whereas the engagement ring normally has a stone or diamond in it. A show of both, shows you are married.

Does the wedding band go in front of the engagement ring or behind it?

The wedding ring goes behind the engagement ring, closest to the heart.

Do you return your wedding ring and engagement rings after the divorce?

you should return your wedding band as it is the symbol of your marriage but you should not return your engagement ring as that was the symbol of your engagement and you for filled your obligation there

Is an engagement ring and a wedding ring two different rings?

An engagement is a promise of marriage and is worn on the left hand. When you marry the engagement ring is removed and the wedding band is placed on the left hand. Then, the engagement ring is put on top of the wedding band. Both are worn on the left hand. I just double checked this since I got married two weeks ago and wanted to be sure that the bands were worn correctly. The engagement ring on the outside of the wedding band is a traditional method to wear it.

In what order do you wear an eternity ring?

Traditionally, eternity rings are worn above the wedding band and engagement ring. The wedding band is first, closest to your heart, then the engagement ring above, then the eternity ring.