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Linklist is sorted, array not.

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Linked list consists of data nodes each pointing to next in the list .An array consist of contiguous chunk memory of predetermined size

array,linklist,queue,stack,tree,graph etc...

In a circular linked list every node is connected to another node. In a non-circular linked list. There are definitely starting and ending nodes are lacking an incoming and outgoing link, respectively.

Pointer holds an address Array holds values

Numeric array has numbers(+integers) that represent the values Associative array has strings that represent the values

An array is a block of memory. A function is a set of lines of code.

When we declare an array of characters it has to be terminated by the NULL , but termination by NULL in case of string is automatic.

in liner search the array is not mandatory to be a sorted array,but in binary search the array must be a sorted array.

Vectors are thread safe but array lists are not. Hence array lists are faster than Vectors.

An array has a fixed size, whereas the vector can grow in size as necessary.

structure is a collection of dissimilar datatypes whereas array is collection of similar datatypes.....

All array elements must be of the same type. Structure can have its elements of different types.

Static array is predefined array whose size is defined before the execution of program while Dynamic array is not a predefined array its size is defined on run time, during the execution of the program.

To be valid, a string must be null-terminated. A character array need not, it's just an array of characters.

Using and gate - pla is programmable while pal is fixed

A Magician has a cunning array of stunts ...........................................................................

arrayarray_diff(array$array1,array$array2[,array$...] )

A numericial array is an array with keys made up of only integers. An associative array is an array with keys made up of anything that is not an integer. In some languages, it is possible to mix integer keys and non-integer keys into a mixed array.

A PGA socket is a pin grid array and a SPGA is a staggered pin grid array.

pointer is use to hold address of another variable whereas array is a collection of elements of similar datatype

--> Array is a collection of same kind of data.--> Pointer is a memory location where the data stored in the memory

An ordinary variable holds a single value; an array variable holds multiple values.

There is a difference: a pointer is a number that literally points to a place in memory. Arrays are groupings of a type. There is a close relationship between pointers and arrays, however: every expression with arrays (example: array[i]) can be expressed with pointers (example: *(array + i)), because for the computer, an array is just a list of pointers to the type of the array.