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Difference between an affirmative and assertive sentence?

Difference between assertive and affirmative sentences

What are the difference between assertive and aggressive behavior?


What is the difference between being assertive and aggressive?

Assertive basically means "speaking with certainty." Aggressive basically means "pushing people around."

What is the difference between assertive and passive people?

The difference between assertive and passive people is that assertive people initiate and an action whereas passive people tend to shy away from initiating an action. For example, an assertive person will be more likely to strike up a conversation with a stranger whereas a passive person would wait for the stranger to initiate the conversation. In the latter case, the "stranger" would be the assertive person.

Difference between real and reactive power?

real =VIcosO reactive = VI sino

What is the reactive difference between copper and calcium?


What is the difference between reactive and non-reactive metals?

one reacts and one doesn't

What is the difference between a reactive and a stable element?

The election configuration. If the element has a stable octet it will be less reactive.

Why are some metals reactive?

It is a difference in the electronegativity between metals.

What is the difference between reactive atoms and nonreactive atoms?

There structure

What is the difference between atypical and reactive lymphocytes?

the reactive : change in morphology but without malignant atypical : also chagne in morpholgy but with malignant

What is the difference between iron and zinc?

zinc is more reactive and softer that Iron

What are the difference between halogens and noble gases?

halogens are much more reactive

What is the difference between sodium and aluminum'?

Sodium is a highly reactive alkali metal whereas aluminium is a less reactive metal in the boron group.

What is the difference between a reactive element and a stable element?

a stable element has 8 outer level (valence) electrons, and reactive elements have 7 or less electrons.

Breifly explain about reactive power in electric circuits?

Reactive power is opposite to Active power. The vector sum of these two powers is apprant power. So reactive power is vector difference between Apprant power & actual power given by Reactive power= Root of (difference between squares of apprant & active power). It is lost power of the system on which power factor depends.

What is more reactive chromium or aluminium?

Aluminium is more reactive but the difference is minimal.

What is the extremely reactive nonmetals readily with the alkali metals to form salt?

The cause is the big difference between electronegativities.

What is the difference between the left and the right side of the periodic table?

Left: highly reactiveRight: highly conductive

Explain proactive and reactive planning in detail?

The difference between proactive and reactive has to do with when the action takes place. Proactive means a preventative action occurs to stop something from happening, reactive means something is done as a response to something that has happened.

What is the difference of non reactive from negative result in serology?

There is no difference technically, serology test are reported as "reactive"=positive and "non-reactive"=negative. Just the way it's done and reported in the lab.

Difference between active and reactive power?

The active power refers to the power that causes a given machine to operate. Reactive power on the other hand refers to the imaginary part of the complex power.

What is the difference between proactive safety management and reactive safety management?

Proactive safety is seeing and preventing an event before it happens. Reactive management is waiting for the accident to happen, then make corrections

What is the difference between pcl3 and pcl5?

PCl5 is wildly used as a cyclizating agent becase it is more reactive than PCl3.

Explain with examples the difference between proactive action and reactive action in the concept of TQM?

Proactive action is self initiated behavior at work place, while reactive action in the response of the complaint/feedback