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"au revoir" means "bye" or "see you later" and "adieu" means "Bye forever", Let Say when someone is leaving forever or dying, "adieu" would be more appropriate.

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Q: What is the difference between au revoir and adieu?
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Related questions

French word of goodbye?

adieu,au revoir

How do french canadians say hello and goodbye?

Au revoir or Adieu

Bon travail A Dieu' au revoir?

Bon travail = Good Job Adieu = Farewell Au revoir = Goodbye

What other different ways in french can you say goodbye?

au revoir, adieu.

What is the English word 'Goodbye' in french?

Au revoir is formal, adieu is less formal.

What is farewell in french?

"au revoir" is the standard "goodbye". To be more dramatic/formal, you could say "adieu".

How do you spell farewell in French?

Adieu. Of course, people usually saye good-bye - Au revoir.

How do people in France say goodbye?

au revoir (see you later) adieu ( goodbye for long time)

What are the initials of 'goodbye' in French?

The traditional words for 'goodbye' in French are 'adieu' and 'au revoir'. The word 'adieu' means 'to God', and therefore tends to be more formal and final. Its initials are A., or A.D. The word 'au revoir' means 'to the seeing again'. Its initials are A.R.

What does goodbye in French?

Au revoir, which means "we will meet again" Adieu is more formal, and means "farewell"

What are all the ways to say goodbye in french?

A few ways are, "salut, au revoir, adieu, à bientôt, and à la prochaine".

How do you say bye bye in french?

Au revoir

What is a synonym of 'Goodbye'?

The words farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios, bye, and bye-bye can all be used in place of the word goodbye.

What does ''Au Revoir'' mean in France?

Au revoir means "goodbye" in French.

How do you pronounce au revoir?

au revoir- pronounced "ahr ahv-wah"

Au revoir au revoir pour le moment?

Goodbye goodbye for the moment

What does daccord Au revoir mean?

"D'accord, au revoir" means "OK, bye".

What is the duration of Au Revoir Taipei?

The duration of Au Revoir Taipei is 1.42 hours.

What is the duration of Au Revoir Shanghai?

The duration of Au Revoir Shanghai is 2700.0 seconds.

When was Au Revoir Taipei created?

Au Revoir Taipei was created on 2010-02-14.

What is the duration of Au revoir les enfants?

The duration of Au revoir les enfants is 1.73 hours.

What is 'au revoir' when translated from French to English?

Au revoir! in French is "Goodbye!" in English.

Au revoir in English?

good byeThe French words 'Au revoir' mean goodbye in English.

What does au revoir toujour mean?

Au revoir means goodbye in French. Toujours means ever/forever.

When was Au revoir les enfants created?

Au revoir les enfants was created on 1987-08-29.