Intellectual Disability (Mental Retardation)

What is the difference between autism and mental retardation?

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2011-10-02 20:27:42

Mental Retardation is basically having an IQ below 70, Autism is

a mental disorder that causes social difficulties etc, but many

people with autism have an IQ well above 100.

Mental retardation is a catch-all term that refers to people who

fall outside the norm in skills that we all take for granted, and

who usually need some sort of supervision or assistance in coping

with daily life.

People with autism have a neurological disorder that is not yet

completely understood. It affects the way they relate to the world,

but not necessarily their ability to learn to function in it. In

fact, the insights that come from their unique viewpoints have

proven in some cases to be extremely valuable

Mental Retardation is still a co-morbid of autism, so they often

come together, but they're also many autistics are the oppesit of

Mentally Retarded.

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