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A CFL, or compact fluorescent lamp, is a type of fluorescent lamp intended to replace traditional incandescent lamps. Advantages of CFL's include lower power use, a longer rated life, and significantly lower greenhouse gas emission. However, these lights tend to have higher purchase prices than those of incandescent alternatives. A CCFL, or cold cathode fluorescent lamp, is any type of fluorescent lamp in which the cathode is not independently heated. Neon lights are common examples of CCFL's.

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Q: What is the difference between cCFL and CFL?
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What is the difference between CFL and fluorescent?

There is no difference. CFL is an abbreviation for Compact Fluorescent Light which has simply been designed to take up less space than the standard tubes.

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What is the difference between ccfl and eefl?

CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) is different from EEFL (external electrode fluorescent lamp) in that the glass tube of the CCFL contains a small wire electrode that conducts the voltage to excite the gasses in the tube. The glass tube is molded around the electrode and that junction creates a possible point for the gasses to escape and the lamp to fail. EEFL is a completely sealed glass tube with a metal cap or conductive paint on the end acting as the electrode. When the proper voltage is applied to the external electrode, a capacitive connection is established between the electrode and the gasses within the tube and the lamp illuminates. Because the electrodes in CCFL's are in direct contact with the rare gasses, CCFL's run warmer than the EEFL's which are completely cool.

Energy saving lamp LED or CFL bulbs are being used in cars and even in heavy vehicles are they comparable with the old incandescent bulbs in terms of luminance?

LED, CFL and incandescent, when compared in terms of luminance, LED beats both of them. The range of difference between LED and incandescent are very big, whereas CFL comes in between them.

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What is the percentage of light output between CFL bulbs and an incandescent bulb?

Incandescent: 10-12 lumens per watt CFL: 50 lumens per watt.

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What is equal to 60 watt in CFL?

If the question is what wattage compact fluorescent (CFL) lamp has a similar light output to an incandescent lamp of a given wattage, the ratio is usually about 4. A 60W incandescent can be replaced by an 13-15 W CFL lamp. A 60W CFL lamp can replace a 300W incandescent lamp.

What are cfl lights?

A CFL light is a Compact Fluorescent Light.

When was CFL on CTV created?

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