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What is the difference between caves and caverns?

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A cave is a natural underground void large enough for a human to enter, while a cavern is a large cave. Both words are also used to describe entire cave systems of passages and chambers, though 'cavern' implies large-scale development.

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What cuvses caves caverns and sink holes?

What causes caves, caverns, and sinkholes

Does carlsbad caverns have caves?

There are 117 known caves within Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

Another word for caves?


Where are caves and caverns found?

mostly in cold places

What rock forms most caves and caverns?


Is carlsbad caverns and mammoth caves connected?

No. Mammoth Cave is in Kentucky and Carlsbad Caverns is in New Mexico.

What landforms can you see at carlsbad caverns national park?

canyons, deserts, and caves. lots of caves

Is there a relationship between groundwater and caves?

In limestone and sandstone areas, especially, ground water filtering through the rock and dissolving the limestone or sandstone, creates potholes, caverns and caves.

What caves start with L?

Lake Shasta Caverns (California)

What dissolves limestone and forms caves or caverns?

Carbonic Acid .

Is Carlsbad Caverns a tourist attraction?

People want to see the cave and the bats. Carlsbad Caverns is one of the largest caves in the whole world!

In what state are the large underground caves called Carlsbad Caverns?

New Mexico

True or false Most caves and caverns originate by solution of limestone?


What type of weathering creates caves or caverns?

Chemical Weathering .

What forms when limestone found in the earth has been eatin away?

caves and caverns

What are facts about Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico?

Carlsbad Caverns are located in Carlsbad, NM. It is 46,766 acres. The first white explorer was Jim White. The park has 119 caves. Seventeen types of bats live in the caves.

How did the caves in US form?

Almost all caves were formed by the actions of water. It dissolves the rock and and forms the caverns and spectacular views.

How old is fantastic caverns in spring field mo?

Fantastic Caverns, like all caves in the Bible Belt are 6500 years old as opposed to other much older caves located in places where education is not considered a sin.

What are the caverns that rough water crashes into?

Sea caves (formed in cliffs by wave action)?

What are some example of chemical weathering?

Chemicals dissolve rock forming caves and caverns.

What is interesting about Carlsbad Caverns?

what is interesting about Carlsbad Cavern is that it is the largest room out of all natural caves

What are the observations when carbon powder is added to water?

limestone dissolves from it thus creating caves and caverns.

What is the famous huge caves in southeastern New Mexico?

They are actually Caverns! Created from thousands of years of limestone buildup! the most Famous caverns in the world are in South Eastern New Mexico! They are called: "Carlsbad Caverns" and it is a National Park!

Caves and caverns are formed in carbonate rock by what?

The reaction of carbonic acid in rain and groundwater with the carbonate rock.

How were the Florida cavern formed?

The Florida Caverns are limestone caves and were formed by rain water dissolving the limestone.