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What is the difference between celereon and centrino?

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A Celeron is any of a large number of different budget x86 microprocessors produced by Intel and marketed as a budget/value CPU line. The Celeron family complements Intel's higher-performance (and more expensive) Pentium CPUs family. Introduced in April 1998, the first Celeron was based on the Pentium II core. Later versions were based on the Pentium III, Pentium 4, and Pentium M. These processors are suitable for most applications, but their performance is somewhat limited when it comes to running intense applications, such as cutting edge games or graphical modeling programs, especially when compared to that of their high-end counterparts.

Centrino, a platform-marketing initiative from Intel, covers a particular combination of CPU (mainly Pentium M), mainboard chipset and wireless network interface in the design of a laptop personal computer

I personally recommend an AMD processor, not one of Intel's. Processors such as the Sempron and Athlon are very nice processors in terms of money and performance compared to one like the Core 2 Duo option.

2011-09-14 09:24:17
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What is the difference between the Intel core 2 duo blue stickers with the Intel centrino core 2 duo pink stickers?

The main difference between the Intel Core 2 Duo blue stickers and the Intel Centrino Core 2 Duo pink stinkers is the wireless networking features. The Centrino offers more networking features than the non-Centrino.

What are the biggest differences between Core 2 Core and Centrino Duo?

There is little difference between Core 2 Core and Centrino Duo. Both are dual core processors but Core 2 is slightly better. Centrino is part of the Intel mobile platform.

What is the difference between the Intel centrino processor and the Intel Pentium duo-core processor?

Centrino = better perfomance, less heat and less power consumption. The centrino is based on the newer Intel Conroe architecture.

What is the difference between an Intel core 2 duo and an Intel centrino with an Intel core 2 duo processor?

"Centrino" basically means built-in 802.11 (wireless ethernet/wifi)

What is the Difference between centrino and centrino 2?

The main differences between the Centrino and Centrino 2 are three things, The Centrino 2 has:- Transport layer security (TLS) secured communications over an open Local Area Network (LAN) for wired laptops outside the corporate firewall (not supported for wireless states) Support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP) Support for out-of-band management and security features in Sx (all sleep states) when the laptop is inside the corporate firewall.

What is the difference between an Intel Pentium 4 and Intel Centrino duo?

The Intel Pentium 4 is an older desktop processor. "Centrino" is a label for systems that contain an Intel mobile chipset, wireless card, and processor. A "Centrino Duo" would thus be a system with a Core Duo processor.

What is the difference between AMD and intel centrino processors?

AMD is a company, it has a line of chips to compete with Intel's Centrino line. A comparison between similarly speced chips usually comes down to personal preference, though on a whole AMD does tend to be slightly cheaper.

What is the different bitween Pentium and Centrano?

The difference between a Pentium and a Centrino is that the Pentium and Core Duo, etc, are configured with the Centrino containing less capability and being marketed at a lower cost point than the Pentium branded product.

What is the difference between an Intel Core 2 Duo and an Intel Centrino 2?

Intel core duo and Intel centrino duo...both are one and the same thing. However Intel centrino core 2 duo (core 2) is the next generation with Two cores and higher processing speed touching 2 GHZ.

What is the difference between a normal Mobile Processor and a Centrino Processor?

There is absolutely no difference. They are simply branded differently. A "Centrino" processor is any Pentium M, Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Solo, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Quad, ore Core i7 coupled with an Intel chipset, wireless card, and integrated graphics.

Differences between Intel centrino 2 core 2 duo and Intel Pentium core 2 duo?

Centrino platform was designed for laptops when Pentium for full scale desktops. As result Centrino consumes less power but less productive then Pentium.

What does it mean centrino technology?

What is the difference between celereon and core 2 due?

core 2 dual is a newer design of the Intel family than the celeron. It has two central processing units (cpu's) which can multitask, i.e. run two processes more or less independently of each other.

Can you tell me of this two prossecors which is faster Intel dual core or Intel centrino?

Intel centrino

What type of products does Centrino manufacture?

Centrino manufacture Intel wireless products. They are for the processor of computers and laptops. As the years go, the technology is always advancing and the Centrino products never disappoint.

When were centrino laptops first released?

Centrino laptops were first released around 2003. To be more specific, the first Centrino laptops were first released in or around March 12, 2003 in the US.

Which is better Intel Centrino Duo or Intel Celeron?

centrino has a faster processor but normally celerons have more ram space

When selecting a PC, what are the advantages of AMD vs. centrino processing?

AMD is cheaper and more customizable than a centrino processor.

What is the difference between Intel Core 2 Duo and Intel Centrino Duo?

The Centrino (who's dual-core variant is known as the Centrino Duo) is an Intel platform, consisting of an Intel Core Duo processor, an Intel Chipset, and Intel Integrated Wireless 802.11b/g. The Core Duo is a mobile processor that improves on the Pentium M. The Core 2 Duo is Intel's first chip based on the Core Microarchitecture. It boasts the highest x86 performance seen to date, with impeccable performance-per-watt metrics -- perfect for mobile platforms.

What kinds of adapters are represented by the Intel Centrino brand?

Intel Centrino represents Intel Wi-Fi adapters and mobile processors. Systems ran by Intel Centrino have been said to have better performance, longer battery life, and a wider range of Wi-Fi.

When was Intel Pentium chip first introduced?


What are the types of processers?

Wel,u have the Intel p 1 and p2 p3 p4 then centrino and then core duo and then centrino duo then centrino duo core duo also u have the amd athlon whis is standard Now yow have Quad Core, I3, I5, I7 Processors

What is Intel Centrino Duo?

Intel Centrino Duo is used to refer to a package in laptops consisting of an Intel Core series processor, Intel Chipset, and Intel Wireless card.

How many cores does the Intel Centrino Duo have?

The Centrino Duo processor made by the company Intel has two cores. It is implied in the name "Duo" , which can be translated as "two", "double" or "twice".

Is the Pentium 4 better than the Intel Centrino Duo?

Not by any means. The Intel Centrino Duo is more power efficient, cooler, and generally faster than a Pentium 4.