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Q: What is the difference between ciculation rotation and vortex?
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What is the horsepower difference between a 1997 305 Vortex engine and a 350 vortex?

Try a search for vortec engines

What is a synonym for rotation?


What is the difference between a sphere and cylinder?

A sphere has 0 vortex and a cylinder has 2 faces

What is the difference of eddy and vortex?

The difference is that eddy make wind, water change direction and vortex its just awhirlwind or whirlpool.

What is the vortex of a tornado?

Since a tornado is a spinning column of air with an axis of rotation, the tornado itself is a vortex. Some tornadoes also contain smaller vortices call suction vortices. These vortices circle with the rotation of the main vortex and carve curved paths of more severe damage within the main damage path. A tornado with such features is called a multiple vortex tornado.

Where are vortexes found in nature?

look in your toilet when you flush,the rotation is a vortex a tornado is a vortex when your sink drains,the rotaion is also a vortex on the other side of the equator,the rotation is reversed Edit: I came across this answer and I think the person was asking about actual locations. There are many vortexes in Arizona, google Arizona vortexes. Many people go to them for meditation and healing purposes.

What is the difference between a multiple vortex tornado and a single vortex tornado?

A multiple vortex tornado has smaller, short-lived vortices moving around inside of it. The suction vortices have stronger winds than the rest of the tornado and are noted for cutting narrow curved swaths of intense damage. A multiple vortex tornado sometimes has the appearance of two or more tornadoes moving circles. A single vortex tornado is simply one vortex of tornadic wind.

What causes a vortex?

A vortex is a rapidly whirling spiral of gas or fluid that rotates around its own center. A vortex is caused by the air and liquids having a difference in momentum and begin to create a circular motion. An example of a vortex is a tornado.

What is the difference between a vortex and tornado?

A tornado is a kind of vortex, but there are other varieties of vortex with different driving mechanisms. A tornado is a vortex typically a few hundred to a few thousand feet wide that usually comes from a larger but less intense vortex called a mesocyclone, which is the result of a thunderstorm updraft interacting with wind shear. Large scale high and low pressure systems are also vortices driven by the Coriolis effect. You can also see a vortex in a draining pool of water.

What is the differences between a vortex and a whirlpool?

A whirlpool is a kind of vortex. More specifically, a whirlpool is a vortex in water that can form from interacting currents. Different types of vortex can occur in air, water, or just about any liquid or gas.

What are some words related to tornado?

Words related to tornadoes include: funnel cloud, wall cloud, mesocyclone, supercell, hook echo, rotation, vortex, subvortex, vortex breakdown, updraft, downdraft, and debris.

Is there any relation between forced vortex and water pH?


Why does drain water rotate?

Contrary to popular belief, water swirling down the drain is no related to the Earth's rotation or the Coriolis effect. The swirling vortex over the drain is likely related to angular momentum; the distance from the center of the rotation determines the speed of the rotation. o

Are vortexes and cyclones the same?

No. A cyclone is a vortex, but a vortex doesn't have to be a cyclone. A cyclone is a large-scale area of low pressure with a closed circulation and a defined center of rotation. Many other ortices ecsit in nature including whirlpools, whirlwinds, and eddies.

What is an antonym for vortex?

There is no antonym for vortex.

Is vortex an adjective?

No. Vortex is a noun.

Is the a Yu-Gi-Oh card that has the same effect as raigeki?

Yes, there is the normal spell card 'Lightning Vortex'. The only difference between that and Raigeki is that it requires you to discard a card to activate it.

What relationship exists between a tornado and wind?

A tornado is a vortex made of wind.

What year is this engine 4.3 vortex 10227196?

It was manufactured between 1993 and 1995

Where is the vortex of a tornado?

The vortex is the tornado itself.

How do use the word vortex in a sentence?


Where in a vortex is motion fastest?

In the eye of the vortex

What does Multiple vortex mean?

This term most likely refers to a multiple-vortex tornado. A tornado is itself a vortex that can sometimes contain two or more smaller vortices that move with the tornado's rotation. These vortices pack stronger winds than the rest of the tornado, and often result in areas within a tornado's path where damage is more severe than it is elsewhere.

What is the cost of a VW Vortex?

The VW Vortex costs between $20,000 and $35,000 depending upon the personification required and the accessories. It is a reasonably priced car which is proving popular.

What is a vortex of a water tornado?

No. A vortex of water is called a whirlpool. By definition, a tornado is a vortex of air.