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Clock speed is the speed of your processor Bandwidth is the speed of your internet connection. JD Craig

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Q: What is the difference between clock speed and bandwidth?
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What is the difference between clock speed and processor speed?

Clock speed it the highest amount of frequencies that the processor can go. Processor speed is the range of speeds.

Is system clock the heart of computer?

No, the system clock is not the heart of the computer but the micro-processor. The basic characteristics that differentiate the micro-processors includes the instruction set, bandwidth, and the clock speed.

Is time relative to the speed of light?

The rate at which your clock runs ... as observed by me... depends on the speed betweenyou and me. The difference between the rate of my clock and the apparent rate of yoursdepends on the speed between us as it relates to the speed of light.So I guess you'd say "Yes" in response to your question, although the truth isn't nearlythat simple.

Is internet speed decrease when bandwidth increase?

Bandwidth is the same as "speed". "Speed" is the popular name, it is not a very precise term.Bandwidth is the same as "speed". "Speed" is the popular name, it is not a very precise term.Bandwidth is the same as "speed". "Speed" is the popular name, it is not a very precise term.Bandwidth is the same as "speed". "Speed" is the popular name, it is not a very precise term.

Is there a quality difference between Monster Cable and other cables?

Yes, there is a difference between Monster Cable and other cables. Monster Cable is an advanced high speed and delivers twice the data bandwidth and more power, compared to other cables.

What is procesor ram cach clock speed?

The processor RAM Cach clock speed ranges between 3.3 to 4.00 GHz.

What is LAN bandwidth?

LAN Bandwidth is the bandwidth (Maximum speed) of the Local Area Network

What is the difference between T2130 and T2330 processors?

The T2130 is a 32 bit Processor; the T2330 is a 64 bit processor. Another difference is the clock speed: the T2130 has a 1.86Ghz speed and the T2330 has only 1.6Ghz. Hope this helps! Vonpopa

What is absolute bandwidth and effective bandwidth?

Effective bandwidth is a term that is usually used to refer to dial-up Internet services. It describes the speed that the data can be transmitted. The absolute bandwidth is the term used to describe the intervals between transmissions.

What is the function of the DCE?

In serial communications, the DCE device provides the clock signal, which determines at what speed (more precisely: at what bandwidth) two devices will communicate.

What is the difference between speed and bandwidth?

Difference between Internet speed and bandwidthInternet speed and bandwidth are technically different. Bandwidth is referring the maximum amount of data that can be transmitted in a fixed amount of time through the network while speed is the time taken to reach the data (in form of packets) from source to destination. So we can see bandwidth is a fixed one while network speed can vary. Network speed depends on many factors like the protocol using to send data, server efficiency ,network conjunction etc. In practical life auser feels the Internet speed by downloading certain files from server to his computer. Yes it is true high bandwidth really helps to download the file faster but there are some other factors are there. If he is downloading the file (consider a bigfile like video) from a slow server, he feels his Internet speed is very less. Actually his Internet bandwidth is good enough but the speed of data transfer is limited by the response delay of the remote server.Another factor really affect the Internet speed is the kind of protocol they use. The speed of data transfer vary depends on whether this connection is using a connection oriented protocol (TCP) or connection less protocol (UDP). As there is no error detection and synchronizing ,data transfer using UDP is always faster than the same in TCP. Here Internet bandwidth is a constant but the Internet speed vary.So in a nutshell Internet speed and Internet bandwidth are different. Internet bandwidth is the one which is assigned by your ISP and which is a constant (as long as your ISP keeps its promise) while Internet speed vary with remote server and theprotocol they use to send data.bandwidth is just a pipe and the speed is the amount of water that passes

What is the difference between T5450 AND T5550 Processors?

not much. both have the same core, 2MB L2 cache and 667Mhz FSB. the only difference is the clock speed. T5450: 1.66Ghz T5550: 1.83Ghz

What websites can test the amount of your bandwidth?

The following websites can test the amount of one's bandwidth: Speed Test, Bandwidth Place, Broadband Speed Checker, Ping Test, My Broadband Speed, to name a few.

What is the difference between constant speed and variable speed?

The difference is that constant speed doesn't change but variable speed does. (change)

What is the difference between 64GB 1600MHz RAM and 64GB 2133MHz?

Its basically the clock speed. 64 GB is just the storage its of no use here. The MHz value gives us the clock frequency i.e how fast the computer can work at its maximum capacity. So obviously higher the clock speed the faster the computer can process its operations.

Is the maximum speed at which data can be transmitted between two nodes on a network?

Data Transfer Rate, or Bandwidth

What is the difference between agility and speed?

Speed is how fast you move

What are difference between speed and velocity?

Velocity is speed with direction

What is the difference between downstream speed and download speed?


What is the difference between a 3 speed and a 4 speed automatic car?

difference between 3 and four speed is, a 3 speed has 3 forward gears. a 4 speed has 4 forward gears

What is the technical difference between speed and velocity?

The technical difference is that speed has no direction but velocity has one.

What is the difference between telecommunication and data communication?

Telecommunications was the term originally used for voice, and later for telegaphic, communications. Data communications provides a much higher speed and bandwidth than was required for telecommunications.

What is the major difference between a high speed and a high torque drill?

the output speed is the major difference

Time difference of objects at speed of light compared to time on earth?

If you observe a clock moving past you at the speed of light, it will appear to you to have stopped.

What is the difference between a mustang 4 speed and 5 speed?

5 speed is faster