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Organic food, unlike conventional food, is grown without using synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Processed organic foods do not have additives and preservatives that conventional foods do. Organic foods are non-GMO.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages between conventional and organic food?

Conventional food costs less than organic food, but contains additives, preservatives, and often GMOs which may not be healthy. Organic food is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, so they are environmentally friendly and do not contain the residues from those products that conventional foods may contain. Thus, organic foods may be healthier.

Difference between organic and inorganic food?

All food is organic - unless you consider synthetic additives as food.

What is the different between organic food and gm food?

The difference between organic and genetically modified food is like the difference between night and day. GMO food is of unknown effect when consumed by the body, and it is presumed to be dangerous. Organic food is as natural as food gets, with no pesticides or any genetically modified organisms. Organic food tends to taste a lot better than GM food.

What is the difference between Inorganic and Organic Food?

Organic food is produced without Person-Made Chemicals. There is no such thing as inorganic food.

Does organic food taste different to regular food?

There has been no proven difference in taste between organic and non-organic plant foods.

What is the difference between organic or inorganic foods?

The difference between organic and inorganic foods is that an organic food has no pesticides or chemicals used on it to keep the bugs off and out of it. An inorganic food is just the opposite, where as it has many pesticides and chemicals to keep the bugs off and out of of it.

What is the difference between organic food and genetically modified food?

organic foods are naturally grown and genetically modified are grown using special chemicals and such

What is the difference between organic and inorganic food sources?

i dont know bcz is good food the batter

Is organic food safe?

Yes, organic food is even safer than regular conventional food. It is produced without harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients.

What is the difference between organic and non organic food methods?

In organic foods they use pesticides to the minimum as they only use it on one crop (potatoes). Non-organic food use pesticides a lot more

What is the main difference between the ways food gets cooked in conventional and microwave ovens?

Difference is more intrepid than it is main, imo

What are the benefits of using organic food?

Through my organic journey, I come across a lot of people asking me - isn’t organic the same as conventional food? Isn’t it more expensive? These are some of the biggest misconceptions even I had, but after trying organic for a couple of months, I can certainly tell you all one thing - organic food is good for health, and for the pocket too. Organic food isn’t the same as conventional food. It is cleaner, greener, and healthier. There are no preservatives, additives or chemicals mixed in them, making them completely natural and full of nutrients, unlike conventional foods. And when it comes to the price point, organic food is slightly costlier when compared to conventional food, however, it is also competitively priced when it comes to other organic food options in the market. Organic Tattva is one such brand that produces pure organic products at reasonable prices. So, you can make the switch, without making a hole in your pocket.

What is the difference between organic and all natural?

Organic food doesn't mean natural, but they are minimally processed and also preservative free. It is very essential for you to know that all natural foods are not organic, only certain natural foods that are labeled as organic are considered to be organic. These simple points can help you to differentiate organic and natural food. * Unlike conventional food, these foods are grown without using any chemical fertilizers and by just adding manure to feed plants. * Conventional farmers use pesticides to kill the pests and insecticides in their farms, where as in organic farming the insects or pests are killed by simple methods of trapping. * In an organic feed, animals are fed with balanced diet and rotational gazing to minimize the risk of diseases in them whereas in conventional animal nurture, they are treated with medicines in order to prevent the risk of infections and diseases.

What is the difference between the nutritional value of food products obtained by organic farming and chemical farming?

there isn't any difference

What is the difference between the price of non-organic food and organic food?

Organic foods are more expensive to produce because of the methods involved in keeping the process "natural". For example: Conventional methods use chemical fertilizers to grow plants faster, organic methods use natural fertilizers such as manure. Conventional methods use chemical herbicides to control weeds, organic methods use crop rotation and tilling, and also weed removal by hand. It's really just a way to produce food without using potentially harmful chemicals and hormones. For more information, visit the mayo clinic website at:

How do you benefit from organic food?

Organic food is really proofed can avoid the synthetically manufactured pesticides in conventional farming.Some food are affected at higher degree than others.

Is organic food more nutritious than conventional food?

Some studies have shown that this is true. However, a majority of studies, including one conducted by the United Kingdom's Food Standards Agency, conclude that there is no nutritional difference.

Difference between organic food and normal food?

"Normal" food usually contains things such as pesticides, hormones, nitrates, antibiotics, GMO and refined foods, all of which will harm your body, whereas organic food will not.

" What is the difference between my conventional oven and a convection oven"?

A conventional oven cooks your food with out air circulation. Where as a convection oven has a fan which allows the air to flow around and cooks your food faster and more evenly.

What are customers supposed to buy when the organic food they want isn't in season?

Organic foods are present out of season just like conventional foods. The only difference is that they weren't grown using toxic chemicals. This protects you and the environment.

Is organic food healthy?

You can order organic food from this site htt p s ://ya z ing. co m/deals/blueapron/Nybandu1. Just remove the spaces

What is the difference between organic and non-organic food?

The organic food is the food which grown whithout using the chemical fertilizers & pesticides, only bio pesticides & bio fertilizers can be used to grow the food. the food which is grown by using the BT seed is not a organic food . in other hand the inorganic food is grown with the help of inorganic fertilizers & pesticides.

Is organic food cheaper?

No, it's more expensive. Sometimes it can actually go up to twice the price of conventional food.

What is the texture of organic?

The texture of an organic food depends on the type of food it is. Since organic is a method of growing, the difference in organic and non-organic is that organic does not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The texture of the food would be the same regardless of whether it is grown organically.

What is the difference between a convection and conventional oven?

Conventional ovens have the heating source at the bottom of the stove. Convection ovens use fans to assist in blowing the hot air around to cook the food more evenly.