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It has to do with health care plans and insurance. "Formulary" drugs are drugs that are covered by a health care benefits plan or insurance plan; "non-formulary" drugs are not.

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What is the difference between formulary & non- formulary?

Most places have a formulary of medication, which include the cheapest list of medications or any special deals their pharmacy will give them for cheaper. Any drugs that people are on that are not on the formulary are either substituted for the formulary medication or a non-formulary request must be submitted and can take 1-2 weeks for approval. This is in the context of a medical facility.

A formulary is a listing of prescription drugs that a health plan covers, and as such, drugs that are on the formulary vary with the health plan. You would have to consult with the health plan to determine whether this drug is on it. Note that sometimes a generic version is on the formulary, but not the brand version, or vice versa.

A formulary is a list of prescription drugs that are covered under a health insurance plan. A "non formulary brand name" is a brand name drug that is not in the formulary and may have different cost involved since it is not covered under the plan.

Non-formulary medications are dependent on your health insurance. Contact them for information of formulary and non-formulary medications

If you look at the chemical properties of the drugs, there is no difference. If you consider whether your insurance company is going to "cover" the drugs, you need to select a "Formulary Drug." Insurance companies, HMO's, PPO's will cover certain medications...and you can get a list of the drugs that your plan covers...this list is your plan's "formulary." If you are taking a maintenance is important to "try" and make sure the plan you choose has your medication on their formulary. Sad fact, even when you think you are sitting all the bases covered, companies have been known to change their formulary "mid-stream." Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois changed their policy in the middle of the year where they covered only selected brand name drugs, but still covered all generics. All the companies do surprising things that almost always benefit the companies and not the members who are paying for the policies. This is a huge pet peeve for all Americans at the moment or will be whenever they face it... and have to deal with this "transparent as cement" evil.

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A formulary is a list of preferred medications that a committee of pharmacists and doctors deems to be the safest, most effective and most economical. Non-formulary medications have the highest copayments. If no generic alternative is available, talk with your doctor about choosing and prescribing the absolute best medication for YOU!

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A formulary is a list of medicines. A hospital or clinic might have a formulary that comprises typical medications they use. A pharmacy insurance plan may also have a formulary, which lists preferred medicines. A non-formulary medicine is not on the list. In health insurance terms, this usually means that you pay an increased copay if filling that prescription. You may also need to get prior approval from the insurer to start the medication if you want them to cover it.

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