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Pulao is a traditional Mexican or Spanish food. It has rice, lots of vegetables and seafood. Fried rice is Asian and does not have as many vegetables in it. It has no seafood in it.

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Q: What is the difference between fried rice and pulao?
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What is pulao rice?

Pulao is fried rice with nuts, saffron, spices

State the difference between boiled braised and fried rice?

The difference between boiled rice and the other two is that it is boiled in water until cooked. Fried rice is refried in a pan after it has already been boiled. Braised rice and fried rice are the same thing.

What is an eastern dish made with spiced rice with meat or fish added?

pulao pulao

How does fried rice and steamed rice alike?

They are very, very alike or shall I say, similar because they are made of Rice. But the only difference between these two, is that Fried Rice is a meal withdifferent ingredients/seasoning.

What Chinese foods have rice in them?

Stream fried rice, stir fried rice and rice wine.

Which has the most calories steamed rice or fried rice?

There are more calories in fried rice.

What is fried rice?

Fried rice is rice tossed in some oil with some spices. It can be veg fried veg rice or any as per liking. here you can check veg fried rice recipe for vegetarian food recipes at vegflavors. com/veg-fried-rice/

Where is egg fried rice from?

Egg fried rice is traditionally a Chinese dish.

How do you say fried rice in Spanish?

Fried Rice in Spanish is Arroz Frito

What Rice dish begins with a p?

pilau also Pilaf, or alternatively polao, pilau, pulao or plov

What are some dishes that are fried?

fried rice

What is the difference between pusa basmati rice and 1121 basmati rice?

What is the difference between pusa basmati rice and 1121 basmati rice?Read more: What_is_the_difference_between_pusa_basmati_rice_and_1121_basmati_rice

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