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What is the difference between geology and geography?

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Geology vs. GeographyCorrection: Geology is the study of the origin, history, and structure of the earth. The study of minerals is mineralogy. The study of rocks is petrology. Mineralogy and petrology are sub-disciplines of geology. AnswerOne of the founders of geology thought the new science should be called "natural geography."

This makes for an interesting comparison. Geology is to geography what natural history is to history.

Geography deals with national borders and the lines that humans have made on the earth. Geology deals with the natural structure of the earth and the formation of it's rocks and minerals.

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Is there a difference between geography and geology?

Geography is the study of many aspects of the earth ie, rivers, population, political, industrial etc, but will include some geological aspects. Geology is the study of rocks and the actual crust of the earth

What is difference between geography and systemetic geography?

geography is geography

What is the difference between physical geography and population?

The difference between physical geography and population is population refering to humans and physical geography refering to land.

What is the difference between applied geology and geology?

i think that Applied geology is the fundamental of soil layer in our world but geology is the study of soil layer, minerals, difference of rock and deeply in to the earth

Is geology the same as geography?

no..not at all, geology is the study of rocks, where geography is the study of places around the world..

What is branches of geography?


What is a branch of geography?


What is the difference between archeology and geology?

Archeology is the study of the past. Geology is the study of rocks and minerals.

What is the difference between geology and physical geology?

geology is different about physical geology in case natural phenomenon like land side earth quackes and weathering

What are synonyms of geography?


Is earthquake part of geology or geography?

Earthquakes are apart of geology. Geology is the study of Earth and Earth's interior, where as geography is Earth's climate and geographical features. I hope I helped answer your question. :)

What is the difference between physical geography and political geography?

i think what you are trying to ask is, "What is the difference between physical and political maps." The difference between the two is that physical is terrain and political is location and cities.

What is the difference between the geography theme of place and the geography theme of location?


What is relationship between Maths and Geography?

The difference of maths and geography is maths is more better than geography

What is the difference between zoology biology ecology geology?

Zoology work with biology and geology work with ecological nature.

Synonym for geography?

physiography, geology, topography

What are the words with the prefix Geo?

geography geology

What is alike between geography and geology?

well, to start they both start with G's, they end in Y's and they sound the same

What is the difference between geology and petrology?

Petrology is a sub category of geology It is concerned specifically with the composition, origin and texture of rocks.

What is the difference between BA in geology and a BS in geology?

a BA is a bachelor of arts in geology, and has a different amount of classes and types of classes compared to a BS in geology, which is a bachelors of science which is recommended more.

What has the author Arthur C Trowbridge written?

Arthur C. Trowbridge has written: 'Tertiary and Quaternary geology of the lower Rio Grande region, Texas' -- subject(s): Geology, Geology, Stratigraphic, Stratigraphic Geology 'Geology and geography of the Galena and Elizabeth quadrangles' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Geology, Physical geography

How is biology related with geography any geology?

Because it gives natural condition on geography

What has the author J B Whittow written?

J. B. Whittow has written: 'Geology and scenery in Ireland' -- subject(s): Geology 'Disasters' -- subject(s): Natural disasters 'Geology and scenery in Britain' -- subject(s): Geology, Landforms 'The Penguin dictionary of physical geography' -- subject(s): Dictionaries, Physical geography 'Essays in geography for Austin Miller' -- subject(s): Geography

What is the study of earths surface?

I would have to say geography. Geology is the overall science. Many people get geography confused with geology because of it being similar in wording, but for example you wouldn't use geology in the sentence below. "The geography of the farmland." Geography- study of the physical features of the earth and its atmosphere, and of human activity as it affects and is affected by these.

How are geology and geography the same?

we have physical geology and physical geography which both discuss on lnadforms, weathering, erosion, mass westing, earth quake, the origin of the earth and so on. so by the above caption been mension which shows both geology and geography are the same in the physical part.