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Infatuation occurs early in a relationship and you feel as if this could be the person you spend the rest of your life with. The person will seem perfect in every way. You think about them nonstop. Just thinking about them makes your heart start pounding. You get so Excited when around them and withen minutes of not being around them you may feel sad because you miss them so much.

Actual love is quite different. After you've been with a person for a while you'll notice they are nowhere near as perfect as you thought they were... This is where many people actually break up. After infatuation fades you may still have love for the person but at this point it's all a little different. Love is when you may not feel strongly about somebody but you still love them as a person and what they bring to your life. Now things are more real at this point so there will be arguments and you will probably get irritated at times. It's not just an emotion anymore but also a choice and will not work if you don't both put forth an effort. You respect the person and they respect you.

In my case... I met my boyfriend when I was 17 the first thing I noticed was his long hair. Lol I was immediately attracted. I was so shy and nervous but we hit it off and started going out. I thought he was so perfect. Just thinking of him made me smile and get all giddy. I would get so sad and miss him so much when he wasn't around. But around 4 1/2 months in things started changing. I wanted a little more time to myself and he was so serious all the time. I am 21 now and still care for him A LOT though i get annoyed at times. But he loves me and knows I am not perfect either. But I fully trust him and know that no matter what he will always be there for me and will never hurt me. he is the only person I can really count on and has been the only person consistent in my life. So it may take some effort but I would never want to lose him because I do love him a lot.

Simply put: Real love is caring about some-one's soul, i.e., "Do I care about what happens to this person?" Real love contains a huge amount of tenderness. There are no power struggles, at least, not serious ones. It is, again, what Jesus said in The Bible, "Love thy neighbor as thyself." ....not better nor worse, but wanting the best and justice for yourself, so you should do unto them. The golden rule is simple, "Do unto others as you would do unto yourself."

Romantic love does have a sexual component of course, but sex is "always" secondary. In real love, the hot and heavy will wear down of course, but it will always remain a glowing ember. With infatuation, passion will die when the reality of who they are as a person, or even, who "you" are as a person becomes clearer. You have to ask yourself, "If they could no longer have sex with me, would I still want them beside me?"<br />To sum it all up in a nutshell, infatuation turns into something bad, something that doesn't sit right, something ugly. Real love cares tremendously about that person's well being. Real love turns comfortable and feels right. There is a symbiosis that occurs with real love, and compromise, communication, and a intermingling of the souls.

I would also say that Love is clearing up after the person you love has been ill, washing his dirty socks and not minding, in fact all those things that might repel, you take for granted...and loving that person warts and all

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Q: What is the difference between infatuation and love?
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You learn the difference between infatuation and love.

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May I suggest Sternberg's "Triangular Theory of Love." You may find it enlightening.

What is difference between crush and infatuation?

Probably not a lot of difference. A crush can be described as a brief but intense infatuation, especially for someone unattainable. Infatuation is an intense but short lived passion, foolish and usually an extravagant admiration for someone or something

What is love and what is true love i Have Falled in love with 3 girls so far and have passed away 1 year with each of them and everytime i falled in love i felt that the 1 i love is my true love?

There is a huge difference between true love and infatuation.

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She was not in love with me because it was just an infatuation.

What is the Difference between love and addiction?

Eventhough l am new on site , but l can contribute to this question.Before we can answer the quetion ,what kind of love is this person talking about?There are four kinds of love: erro love; infatuation love; phililo and Agape

Difference between infatuation and love?

If you're infatuated by someone, you're just having a little crush on them. If you love that special someone, that's some deep mess you got on your hands. That comes from the inside

Is there difference between love and true love?

the difference between love and true love is infidelity the difference between love and true love is infidelity

What if your not sure you love a girl but you feel as if you do?

if your not sure hold back from saying it, love is a strong word and once you have said it there is no taking it back! only time will tell and your true feelings will be revealed! there is a difference between love and infatuation... be careful.

What does loving an idea of someone mean?

The meaning of loving the idea of someone means that instead of loving the actual person you love either a created image of a person such as thinking they are somthing they are not and not knowing the person well. Answer The idea of loving someone is really the same thing as infatuation with that person. It is not love even though you may think it is at first. A good test of whether it is infatuation or love (if you are not sure of the difference between the two) is time. Infatuation will quickly fade. Love will stand the test of time and will not fade.

Is sixteen too young to be in love?

NO! But it is too young to know the differences between love, lust, and infatuation.

What is the fine line between love and infatuation?

Infatuation feels like love to a person, but in reality it is only a strong feeling of physical attraction. Love, most would say, involves a stronger emotional connection that typically takes longer to develop.

How does one know if the feeling he experience is love of infatuation?

Infatuation is the starting point of love, Love is something that is on the extreme,that you can't bear the absence of that person or thing But in infatuation you bear the absence

Is there a stage between infatuation and love?

yes. but it doesn't have a name, it's the getting comfortable stage.

What does a titjob feel like?

A sensational love between the two pillows of infatuation and your rod of glory

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Family can be love and love can be family. There is no distinct difference between them.

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If you are in love, then you will always love that person no matter what they do or say. It is unconditional rather than being attracted because of how they look, how they sound, or what they do. It is also important to distinguish between love, lust and infatuation. Lust is a deep, intense sexual desire but for a specific person, whilst infatuation refers to a period of normally about 6 months when you are "crazy about him/her." However, true love is normally found later, after a period of infatuation, but not all infatuations end in love.

Is infatuation same thing as love?

No, a lot of couples start their love life by that one aspect of infatuation. But the real deal is that infatuation is just an attraction to what that person smells, looks, or sounds like. But true love is having a deep connection to the person you are w/ not just b/c you think you love them, but b/c you do love them.

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No, infatuation is normal.

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infatuation. because they're rarely kept, but made. love would be kept

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