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diference between nuclearfamily and joint family

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Q: What is the difference between joint family and nuclear family?
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How we Differentiate between nuclear family and joint family system?

Nuclear family is a small family while joint family is a big family. In nuclear family the husband and wife has to bear all the responsibility while in joint family the burden is shared. In joint family one member acts as kartha or the family leader who takes major decision for the family matters.

What are the two types of family?

nuclear family joint family

What are the difference between partnership and a joint Hindu family business?


Different kinds of family?

Joint family,nuclear family and single family.

How Nuclear Family Is Better Than Joint Family?

financial stabillity is one of the strongest points in a nuclear family

What is the two types of family?

the two types of family are -nuclear family - joint family

Difference between extended and joint family?

a joint family is parents, children, grandchildren, uncles, and their offspring sharing a common dwelling & an extended family is all of your family under one household

How is a Joint family better than a Nuclear family?

Joint family is better than nuclear family, because in the joint family everybody can share attention & responsibility with each other everyday. in the joint family every body helps each other , family problems also solved by the elders/ guardians. therefore everyone of a joint family is more or less happy and tension free.

Disadvantages of joint family?

lack of secrecy , more members to feed , more expenditure , jealousies between females , one will not get freedom like in nuclear family

What is the difference between a joint and an articulation?

Every articulation is a joint, but NOT every joint is an articulation.

Why joint family is better then nuclear family?

because joing family have got tremendious ammount of advantages to the member of a joint family. joint family- givse you support in your bad times. even in your financial crisis one of the member in the family who recieves efficient income will help you.

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