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What is the difference between legal act and illegal act?


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Legal drugs are drugs that are perscribed just for you and you take them as it is written on your perscription. Illegal drugs are any drug you can buy on the street

The question asks about 'acts' not 'drugs'. An illegal act is against the law, a legal act is permitted.


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A legal act is something done within or as required by the law. A moral act is one which involves acting on morals. They are usually, but not always, the same thing.

No, it is illegal in most countries.

Fraudulent act is against law but unethical act is more against ethic. Mostly unethical act is also considered as an illegal act .

The only real difference between legal and lawful is that what is considered lawful may not be legal.Another PerspectiveA lawful act contemplates the substance of law. It is authorized, permitted, sanctioned or not forbidden by law.A legal act is performed in accordance with the forms of law or in a technical manner. In that sense, illegal is regarded as invalid.A common example would be a Last Will and Testament that does not conform to the rules in the jurisdiction. It might be regarded as invalid or illegal but not unlawful since writing an invalid Will does not violate any law. It simply is invalid because it does not conform to the technicalities of law and will not be approved by the probate court.

No its illegal. Made illegal by the ammunition enforcement act in 1978.

what s the difference between an enablimg act and an act of admission?

Moral acts are based on an internal and possibly external sense of what is inherently Right or Good. Legal acts are simply acts that conform to the law. For instance, driving 5 miles an hour over the speed limit is not generally kept to be immoral, but is illegal. Another: Providing first aid to someone is probably a moral act but, as the law is silent on this, this act is neither legal nor illegal.

Unethical acts dont have to be illegal, it can be anything people consider wrong. Illegal acts get you into trouble

People opposed to the Dream Act believe that it is bad because it incentivizes illegal activity. The Act gives legal status to illegal immigrants who came to the US as children.

No, it is not illegal. Parents always have the legal right to act on behalf of their minor children.

Ethics and legality go hand in hand. Being ethical guarantees being legal. Being legal does not guarantee being ethical. Being unethical is not necessary illegal. A nurse can act unethically without being illegal.

No. Polygamy was made illegal in the U.S. in 1862 by the Merrill Act.

The act(s) of Adultery are not illegal per se, but adultery is one of the legal grounds for divorce in that state.

It is not true that according to the Clayton Antitrust Act unions were illegal organizations. Unions were legal, and were actually protected by the act.

the differnce between a criminal act and a delinquency act in school violance

Legal to love her, illegal to act on it... if you know what i mean.

i would like you to help me to give me the difference between the passage and promulgation of legislature of an act

If it is a good thing, it's the difference between an idea and an act. If it's a bad thing, it's the difference between a sin and a crime.

As in many things legal, it depends. What country is seeking to extradite you from Argentina? Does Argentina have an extradition Treaty with that country? What illegal act are you accused of in that country? Is that act also illegal in Argentina?

The definition of poaching is: -the act of hunting in areas or circumstances where hunting is illegal So by definition, poaching is never legal.

It is legal, The act of watching beastality is legal in many countries including the U.S. however, having sexual relations with an animal is illegal in many states.

a plan is how your going to do somthing and an act is doing it

Now a day's playing poker is not legal or illegal in USA .According to Unlawful internet gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) the transfer of money directly to sole intent for the act of bets or wagers is illegal.

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