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Actually, they are different species- the Latin name of Lemon is Citrus limon, and the Latin name of Lime is Citrus medica which means the colour is not the one difference between them. They can't leave fertile generation, and they're genome is different.

Lemon and lime are citrus fruits While lemon is yellow in colour, lime is green.

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Q: What is the difference between lime and lemon?
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Are there any difference between lemon and lime while growing?


What is the difference between a lemon and lime?

Lime: GREEN, and they sink in water, Lemons: YELLOW, they float in water

What is the difference between lemon and lime peelings?

lemons are yellow, limes are green.

What are the densities between lemon and lime?

The densities between lemon and lime are quite different. When you put a lime in a bucket of water, it will sink while a lemon will easily float in the same water. A lime has a higher density than a lemon.

What is the Difference between lemon juice and lime juice?

limes have more citric acid then lemons do.

Lime juice vs key lime juice?

The difference between key lime juice and lime juice is the aroma and the flavor. Key Limes have a flavor more similar to a lemon.

Which is better to put lime or lemon in your hair to lighten it Or both?

Between lime and lemon juice, lemon is preferred to lighten your hair.

What is the difference between a lime and a lemon?

The difference is one is yellow and one is green!!One has more acid making the colour to change and the taste to be sourer.

What the difference between lemon meringue pie and keylime pie?

The difference is the colour and the flavour. Keylime has a light green tinge, while lemon is yellow. In addition, keylime tastes like a hint of lime.

Is a lime a lemon?

A lime is not a lemon. However, the lemon is actually a hybrid of the lime. They are two completely separate fruits, but we have the Chinese to thank for creating the lemon as an offshoot of the lime.

What city is a cross between lemon and lime in Colorado?


How do you say lemon lime in Tagalog?

lemon lime in Tagalog: limon

Is there a difference between lemon sun in and the original?

The difference between SunIn and lemon SunIn is the addition of some form of lemon.

Which is more acidic lemon or lime?

Lime is more acidic than lemon,

Does Corona beer contain lemon or lime?

lemon in corona and lime in sol.

What is the difference between lime and slaked lime?

Lime is CaO and slaked lime is Ca(OH)2.

What is more dense a lemon or a lime?


What has higher acidity lemon or lime?


What is the difference between a wine cooler and a wine spritzer?

A "wine cooler" with 7-up & a squeeze of lemon/lime,.,., a spritzer is made with sparkling water

How do you say a lemon in spanish?

Limón. Remember that in Spanish both lemon and lime are called limón. To make sure you get a lemon and not a lime, say limón amarillo. (yellow lemon/lime).

What citrus fruit can generate more electricity lime lemon or orange?

lime lemon

Which is more acidic lemon or lime juice?

lemon is slightly more than lime

Why does a lime sink and a lemon float?

because a lime has more density than a lemon

Why does lemon clean a penny better than lime?

salfite acid in lemon not lime

Which is more alkaline lime or lemon?

Lime is more alkaline than lemon. Grapefruit is more akaline than lemon, but a little less alkaline than lime.