What is the difference between lime and lemon?

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Actually, they are different species- the Latin name of Lemon is Citrus limon, and the Latin name of Lime is Citrus medica which means the colour is not the one difference between them. They can't leave fertile generation, and they're genome is different.

Lemon and lime are citrus fruits While lemon is yellow in colour, lime is green.
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What is the Difference between lime and cement?

Lime is calcium oxide (CaO, or hydroxide Ca(OH) 2 ); cement is a more complex compound, generally a calcium aluminosilicate. Cement is a combination of silica-alumina minerals while lime lacks this property.It does not have any particular mineral in it Minerals present in cement actually enhances t ( Full Answer )

Can you use lime instead of lemon?

In general, yes. Lemons and limes are varieties of the same plant species (sort of like how chihuahuas and great danes are both varieties of dogs). They taste somewhat different, but they're pretty similar.

Why do lemons have seeds but limes dont?

The limes we buy are Persian Limes, their flowers do not need to be pollenated to produce fruit, similar to the seedless watermelon and navel orange, key limes do have seeds.

Can Lemons replace limes in cooking?

It depends on the recipe. If it calls for limes, then you shoulf use limes just to be safe. Using a different ingredient can change the outcome of the recipe. It might undo all of your hard work. Dx

What to use Lemon or Lime on acne?

They can both be used, because they are both from the same "family". Oranges,Limes or lemons are all good for treating acne; as they are all citrus fruits. Good luck :)

Why do lemons float and limes dont?

Scientist think that lemons float because they have less densitythan limes. This is just observations that scientist haveconducted, but they are still unsure.

What is the difference between slaked lime and lime water?

When you slake a lime an leave it for a few months, there will be a layer of water (providing you used a sufficient amount) ontop of the slaked lime putty. this water is limewater and is clear but contains tiny particles in suspension. The putty is what we refer to as slaked lime.

Is lemon lime half of a lime and lemon?

i bought a lime tree six years ago and it produced beautiful green lime, i notice this seventh year that one fully yellow lime was yellow and picked and it was a lemon, and now my whole lime tree has produced lemons this year and they are delicious and yes i did pray for lemons

How are lemons and limes related?

lemons and limes there the same thing with differnt levels of sour lemon holds the most of the bitterness while the lime lacks in taste. they are easy to tell apart by ther diffent colors a lemon is yellow, and a lime is a dark green ( and no there are no pink lemons).

Are limes more sour then Lemons?

Although you may find a lime that is more sour than a lemon, it will be quite unlikely. The average acidity of a lemon is much greater than the average acidity of a lime so you most likely will not find a lime that is more sour than a lemon.

Is a lime a lemon?

A lime is not a lemon. However, the lemon is actually a hybrid ofthe lime. They are two completely separate fruits, but we have theChinese to thank for creating the lemon as an offshoot of the lime.

Which has more acid a lemon or a lime?

First, the correct spelling is ACID and LEMON. The more acid fruit is the lemon with an approximate pH of 1.8-2.3 while the lime has a pH of 2.0-2.8.

Which has more acid a lime or lemon?

a lemon has more acids because it ........................ you will have to find out somewhere else because I dont know the answer

Why lemon is called lime?

lemons are technically supposed to be called limes. limes are supposed to be called lemons. someone changed the names back when they found them.

Differences between lime water and lime juice?

Lime water is calcium hydroxide diluted in water while lime juice is the juice from lime fruit which contains different chemicals like vitamin c, citric acid, and sugars.

What does lime and lemon do for the body?

lemon and limes provide a lot of vitamin C for your body. Vitamin C prevents a disease called scurvy which was discovered by captain cook, when his men started getting bleeding gums and cuts that wouldn't heal. he soon discovered that it was because they weren't getting enough fresh fruit.

What is the difference between garden lime and pickling lime?

Garden lime or agricultural lime, calcium carbonate, is used as a soil additive in gardening to soften and "sweeten" soils it is made from pulveried limestone. It can contain other compounds suchs as calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and magnesium carbonate depending on the source . http://en.wikip ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between lemon juice and vinegar?

Vinegar is 3% acetic acid in water. Acetic acid is CH 3 COOH. Lemon juice is about 5% citric acid in water, plus very small amounts of other substances. Citric acid is H 3 C 6 H 5 O 7. I can't go into detail about the other components of lemon juice, but the different acids are the main difference. ( Full Answer )

Does lemons and limes have calories?

Yes, they do. For the calories in limes and lemons, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

How do you make lemon-lime soda?

SUPER SOUR LEMON LIME JU!CE 1/4 cup of carbonated water 100 ml of lime juice 100 ml of lemon juice 2/4 sugar Mix all ingredients together except the carbonated water and sugar Then,add 1/4 of sugar Pour in carbonated water Then Add sugar It will taste super sour! Enjoy made by Seth Amrhein CO state, ( Full Answer )

Give two differences bw a lime and a lemon?

Limes are green and Lemons are yellow? :P haha jk, I'll give you a better answer than that! A lime has denser flesh than a lemon which makes it heaver. Limes contain more acid than lemons, and are more sour. But lemons are small, green and more bitter before they mature. When they finally turn ye ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between citronella and lemon grass?

Citronella has wider leaf blades and red pseudostem and common species for essential oil extraction is Cymbopogon nardus . Cymbopogon citratus , which has a sleeker leaf blade and green pseudostem, is lemongrass. Lemongrass is more for cooking, citronella is more for aromatherapy.

What is the difference between calamansi or calamondin and lime?

Calamansi is smaller and more sour and usually used as a finishing squeeze to add flavour to dishes. Lime is bigger and its juice can be added to the cooking process. Used widely in thai cuisine. Having said that, both have same functions and have their own distinct tastes apart from the sourn ( Full Answer )

What is lime or lemon?

limes are yellow and lemons are green. i know you might think the opposite but back when they found then the mxed up the names!

What is the difference between soda lime and lime water?

Soda lime removes carbon dioxide from breathing gases, as in submarines for example, and thus prevent carbon dioxide poisoning. Lime water has a number of uses. It can detect the presence of Carbon Dioxide. It can be used in food products, corn tortillas for example. It is used to make sugar from s ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between the health benefit of lime and lemon?

The health benefits of lemon include treatment of throat infections, indigestion, constipation, dental problems, fever, hair care, skin care, internal bleeding, rheumatism, burns, overweight, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure. However, the health benefits of lime include scurvy, ( Full Answer )

What are the densities between lemon and lime?

The densities between lemon and lime are quite different. When you put a lime in a bucket of water, it will sink while a lemon will easily float in the same water. A lime has a higher density than a lemon.

How are limes and lemons different?

Well, here is a sentence from an article about limes in Wikipedia: " Limes are grown all year round and are usually smaller and more sour than lemons . " Simply, a lime is green while a lemon is yellow. Lemonade is more popular than limeade. Tell me more differences and similarities of these fr ( Full Answer )

What is hock lime and lemon?

Hock, lime and lemon is an drink made in the UK and Australia. Hockis a white wine.

What are lemons and limes good for?

Well, Lemons are good for lemonade and putting them in your water..if that's what you mean? But I don't really pay attention to limes.

What is the different between marble and lime stone?

Marble is a type of limestone . L imestone is asedimentary rock, typically composed of calcium carbonatefossils . Marble is a metamorphic rock, which has beensubjected to heat and extreme pressure.

What is the difference between apples and lemon?

We might think that Apple and Lemon are similar with respect tonutritional value and health benefits. But the nutrient content ofboth fruits is different. Apple and Lemon Facts such as theirtaste, shape, color, and size are also distinct. The differencebetween Apple and Lemon is explained here. The ( Full Answer )