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What is the difference between multiuser multitasking and multiprocessing?

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* Multiuser: A computer system the can handle more then one user at a time. Windows is not a multiuser OS. It can handle only one user at a time. * Multitasking: The ability of an OS to do more then one thing at atime. for instance, you can be downloading a large file and still use another program to do something, like write a book. * Multiprocessing: The chip in new computers is able to do more then one task at a time because there is more then one processing unit on/in the chip.

2006-11-05 00:34:41
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Q: What is the difference between multiuser multitasking and multiprocessing?
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What is the difference between parallel processing and multiprocessing?

What is the difference between parallel processing and multiprocessing?

What is the difference between multiprocessing and multi tasking?

multiprocessing is what men do, and multi tasking is what men cant do

What is the difference between a multiprocessor and a multiprocessing?

the "-ing" part...

What is the difference between cooperative multitasking and preemptive multitasking?

Cooperative multitasking is multitasking tohelp someone else, while peemative multitasking is multiaatsking for yourself.

What is the difference between multitasking and combing task?

multitasking is doing more than two task or more. And combing task is two task

What is the difference between multiprocessing using two ALUs and multitasking using one ALU?

ALU stands for arithmetic and logic unit. The ALU does complex calculations, so by having two it gets the job done faster. This may not really make a difference if your an average user, although if you do AutoCAD and stuff that requires rendering then it will make a HUGE difference.

What is the difference between multitasking and multiprocessing?

Multiprocessing / multitasking Multiprocessing is the use of two or more processors in a single computer. to acheive greater throughput, economy of scale and increased reliability.Most multiprocessing systems use symmetric multiprocessing, SMP, (as opposed to asymmetric) where all processes share the processing load equally. Multitasking on the other hand is best explained by first defining what multiprogramming is. Multiprogramming is used to ensure the best effecient use of the CPU. Whenever a CPU is processing a program, which is loaded in memory, and it must wait for resources or I/O then it will sit idly which is a waste of the CPU. Multiprogramming will store a number of 'jobs' in a queue and whenever the CPU is waiting for I/O etc while executing a particular job, it will immediately open the next job in the queue and process that job until such time as it must wait again, and then it can select the next job in the queue or return to the previous job. In this way the CPU idle time is reduced. Multitasking is a logical extension of multiprogramming in that instead of waiting for a process to reach a stage where it must wait for I/O or some resource, it schedules time for each process that is loaded into memory, such that each process appears to the user to be running at exactly the same time.Another name for multitasking is timesharing.

Difference between unix and windows?

unix is a multiuser operating system but widows is a single user operating system.

What is the difference between multi-tasking and multi-processing?

Multitasking is a method for multiple tasks to share a single resource, like a CPU. This is usually accomplished in software via special programming.Multiprocessing is the use of multiple CPUs in the same computer and the method of splitting tasks between them. This is usually done with hardware on the motherboard.

Difference between time sharing and multitasking and multithreading and multiprocessor?

multitasking: more task execute on sevaral cpumultithreading : sevaral part of one program execution

Difference between asymmetric and symmetric multiprocessing and simple multiprocessors?

A symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) system is one in which each processor runs an identical copy of the operating system on each processor. In an asymmetric multiprocessing, system, each processor is assigned a specific tasks. An example of this would be a master- slave relationship between one processor and “the rest”.

What is the difference between multitasking and multiprograming?

Multitasking is being able to do more than one thing at a time. Multiprogramming is using more than one 'language' to accomplish a task.

What is the difference between task-switching and multitasking?

When a person is task switching, they are working on one thing at a time. If a person is multitasking, they are working on more than one thing at once.

What is the difference between asymmetric and symmetric multiprocessing?

asymmetric uses different kinds of processorssymmetric uses identical processors everywhere

What is the difference between a multiprocessor and a multiprocessing system?

a multiprocessor is a small chip insisde a computer system and a multiprocessing system is a computer that is able to have multiple people running processes on a computer at the same time without affecting other users.

What are the differences between Multitasking and Multiuser OS?

Multitasking OS can run multiple processes at the same time in short periods called a time slice for each process. Miltiuser OS allows more than 1 user to use the same processor (CPU) at the same time. (not exactly the same time but it's so small)

What is the difference between multi tasking and multi processing?

Multitasking is when one computer processor is doing more than one thing at once; it is like you trying to eat a snack while reading a book. Multiprocessing is when more than one computer processor is working on the same problem. It is like when you and your friends work together on homework.

Why are Linux and Unix known as multiuser and multiprocessing operating systems?

Those are two separate and totally unrelated concepts. Linux and Unix are considered multi-user systems because they support separate user accounts with different levels of access privilege. A single-user system may have more than one "account", but there is no administrative difference between them. Linux and most modern versions of Unix are multiprocessing operating systems because they support more than one processor in a system and can allocate processes to different processors.

What is difference process based and thread based multitasking?

-> Difference between process based and thread based multitasking: 1) threads share the same address space where as process doesn't. 2) context switching between threads is usually less expensive than between processes. 3) cost of communication between threads is relatively low.

What is the difference between single tasking and multitasking?

multi tasting is doing it with some 1 but single tasking is coin it by yrself :)

Difference between multiprogramming and microprocessing system?

the main difference b/w multiprogramming and multiprocessing O.S. is that the previous one is non-interactive O.S. and the later is interactive O.S. By-Satyam Maheshwari

What are main differences between cooperative multitasking and preemtive multitasking?

Preemptive multitasking is when the operating system preemptively interrupts a current task without cooperation. Cooperative multitasking is when the system must be programmed to do tasks.

Difference between multiprocessing and multiprogamming operating system?

moreprocessors, the more programms, maybe parallel or one for itself.needs a perfect programmer!good luck!bolliboy

Describe the differences between symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing?

use/ application

What is the difference between multiprogramming and multitasking?

no of tasks can be done at a time is called multi tasking no of programmes can be executed in a single system is called multi programming