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What is the difference between naked and nude?

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Conversationally, naked and nude are pretty much interchangeable. However, many people, especially in the artistic community, do say there are differences. In these cases, the differences are as follows:

Nude: To be without clothes, or bare, in a setting that the subject feels safe and comfortable, and they are not being represented in a sexually accessible manner. For instance, the Roman statues of the vestal virgins would be a nude. Michelangelo's David would also be an example. They are unclothed bodies that are intended to represent natural beauty, not to create impulses.

Naked: To be without clothing, or bare, in a setting that the subject would be embarrassed, left feeling exposed and defenseless, or to be presented in a sexual manner. A woman that is unclothed, except for her high heels and red lipstick, would be naked. An unclothed prisoner being interrogated would be naked.

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