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What is the difference between nationality and citizenship?


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February 24, 2011 1:46AM

Answer citizenship

Actually, there are three (and perhaps more), namely, Nationality, Citizenship and Residence.

Nationality usually describes the country where you were born.

Citizenship is a legal matter, that you have been registered with the government of a country as having rights as a full citizen in that country. For most people, that is the country where they are born and continue to live, but if a person moves to another country, citizenship may be obtained in the new country, by applying to the government.

Residence is the place where you have a permanent residence, where you spend most of your time during a year.

So a person who is born in England, moves to Canada as a child and applies to Canada for citizenship, then spends time in France as a teacher, for example, could have English nationality, Canadian citizenship and French residence.