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What is the difference between policy and guidelines?

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the basic difference between policy and guideline is the policy is rules for whole org. and guideline is rule for execution of some work.

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Law is enforceable but guidelines are only an indicator.

Public Policy is the set of guidelines and laws for public administration. Public administration "entails civil servants implementing a specified policy within the confines of a government executive framework".

Yes, there is difference between policy and practice. A policy is rules, regulations and procedures that you should follow within a practice.

Policy statement is what you say you are going to do. Policy is what you do, which should be in line with the policy statement.

Policy means what you should do, rules are what you mustdo

Rules are defined as guidelines for smooth operation. Regulations are the process of monitoring the following of rules and guidelines.

A policy that follows certain moral guidelines

The difference between guidelines and guidance is that the former is usually stipulated by rules and regulations and comes in written format. Guidance, on the other hand, is not binded by rules and is a form of support which is typically given verbally.

Politics is usually people from the government. Policy is an written contract.

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The difference between a passive and an active dividend policy lies in the amount of time between dividend disbursement. In a passive dividend policy, dividends are given when the company decides it is time. With an active dividend policy, dividends are disbursed at regular intervals.

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There is one main difference between rules and policies. A policy sets a standard for how things should go. A rule is a steadfast policy that cannot be bent for any reason.

Policy is a course of action and procedure is a particular course proceeding any action

A policy is a set of rules a guidelines by a group. Governments and business develop policies.

Manual is more detailed step by step Guidelines.

A policy is a general attitude, where as a decision is on the basis of a particular issue. -------------------- Yes for instance you could decide not to follow the policy.

foreign policy is what you want.Diplomacy is a way of getting what you want.simple and easy.

A permissive policy is one that allows an action; a restrictive policy does not allow an action.

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consistency. Guidelines : These consist of recommended, non-mandatory controls that assist the standard

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