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P.M. memory includes RAM and ROM, which is temporary and permanent both.

S.M. memory is just permanent memory which is used for the future.

P.M. memory is used for the present work.

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Q: What is the difference between primary memory and secondary memory?
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What is the difference between primary key and secondary key?

what is difference between primary key and secondary key

What is difference between primary memory and secondary storage?

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What is difference between secondary memory and primary memory?

primary memory is RAM, ram is volatile and is used to store information while it is being processed. secondary memory is basically hard drive space that is permanent. volatile memery is lost when power is disconnected

What is the difference between primary and secondary memory?

primary memory stores the necessary programmes or system software which are required to execute application programs while secondary memory is needed to bulk storage of programs and data .

Who originally distinguished between primary memory and secondary memory?

William James

Is heap memory primary or secondary memory?

primary memory

What is different between primary memory and secondary memory?

Primary Memory is connected with the motherboard. Examples of primary memory are RAM, ROM, PROM, etc. it works very fast. Secondary Memory are those which are connected to the computer from outside. Examples of secondary memory are floppy disk, cd's, DVDs, etc.

What are the similarities between secondary memory and primary memory pdf?

They are both storage devices

What does the primary memory and secondary memory consists of?

primary memory consist of RAMsecondary memory consist of ROM

What is the difference between cache-memory and primary-memory?

Cache memory is smaller and quicker, primary memory larger and slower.

Difference between primary memory and secondary memory?

please go to this site for the answer it gives even more information

What are the advantages of primary and secondary storage?

Primary memory vs Secondary memory Processor access the primary memory in a random fashion. Unlike primary memory, secondary memory is not directly accessed through CPU. The accessing of the primary memory through CPU is done by making use of address and data buses, whereas input/ output channels are used to access the secondary memory. The primary memory is embedded with two types of memory technologies; they are the RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). The secondary memory is accessible in the form of Mass storage devices such as hard disk, memory chips, Pen drive, floppy disk storage media, CD and DVD. Primary memory is volatile in nature, while secondary memory is non volatile. The information that is stored in the primary memory cannot be retained when the power is turned off. In case of secondary memory, the information can be retrieved even if the power is turned off because the data will not be destructed until and unless the user erases it. When the data processing speed is compared between the primary and secondary memory, the primary memory is much faster than the secondary memory. In the cost perspective, the primary memory is costlier than the secondary memory devices. Because of this reasons most of the computer users install smaller primary memory and larger secondary memory. As the secondary memory is permanent, all the files and programs are stored in the secondary memory most and as the primary memory interacts very fast with the micro processor, when the computer needs to access the files that are stored in the secondary memory, then such files are first loaded into the primary memory and then accessed by the computer.

What is the difference between primary storage device and secondary storage?

Primary storage in a device is the place where all data is preferably stored by default. Although if it is found to be full , the data gets stored in the secondary storage memory.

Can you use secondary memory in place of primary memory?

No, Because secondary takes more time as compared to primary. primary takes less time as compared to secondary.

Is the RAM memory a primary or secondary storage devices?

primary memory

What does secondary memory do?

Secondary memory provides more storage space compare to primary memory.

Is ROM primary or secondary memory?


IS the Internal memory only primary memory or both primary or secondary memory?

Intenal memory is only primary memory. The term secondary memory is used for External storage like hard disk etc.

Describe different types of primary and secondary memory of a computer?

"Describe different types of primary and secondary memory of a computer?

How do you change secondary memory to primary?

You have to keep on remebering the memory

What are the two types of memory on a computer?

primary memory & secondary memory

What is meant by secondary computer memory?

Usually the hard drives are considered secondary. The RAM (Random Access Memory) is the primary memory.

How does virtual memory differ from primary memory and secondary memory?

The computer uses microchips for primary and secondary memory. Virtual memory uses a portion of the computers hard drive. The former have faster access times than the latter.

What is the resistance for the primary and secondary windings for a 75 dodge D-100?

If my memory serves me well its less than 2.0 ohms for the primary and between 10,000 -11,000 ohms for the secondary, Mike

What is primary memory and secondary memory explain?

primary memory-he is called primary memory because this is the internal memory of CPU .This memory tempararey scope for data.this memory is called vallatile memory because when the power swiched off store data is finished.This memory relatively fast for primary memory