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Protein, or meat, that is used for human consumption meets higher standards than that used for animals. So basically it has to do with the quality of the meat as the source of the protein. All proteins are the same, it is the other ingredients that come along with it that make it a higher standard.

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Difference betwee nymex crude and brent crude?

Difference between nymex crude and brent crude

What is the difference between oil and crude oil?

crude oil isn't refined

What is the crude protein content of barley?

23 grams of crude protein

What is the difference between total fat and crude fat?

crude fat is the fat with alcohol

What is the difference between hydrocarbons and crude oil?

Crude oil is basicaly hydrocarbons with some impuritys in it

What is the difference between crude fiber and dietary fiber?

Crude fiber is fiber from which no nutrition can be extracted.

What is the difference between bitumen and crude oil?

Bitumen is thicker and sticker than crude oil.

What algae that has the highest crude protein content?

Spirulina with a crude protein content ranging from 60 to 70%

Chemical properties of animal dungs?

Crude protein,bound nitrogen,crude fiber,Calcium,phosphorus,Potassium,Magnesium, Sulfur, copper,Iron,Manganese, zinc,ash.

What is the difference between heavy crude oil and light crude oil?

light crude oil has less specific gravity,less viscosity while heavy crude oil has more specific gravity & viscosity.

What is difference between glue and gelatin?

glue is in crude form and gelatin is in pure form

What is the difference between an intelligent guess and crude guess?

a crude guess is just a mere guess while the intelligent guess is likely to happen due to your experience

How do you know the difference between crude oil and hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbons include oil and natural gas.

What is the protein contents in berseem?

It has 20% crude protein and 70% dry matter digestibility.

How do you calculate percentage crude protein given that moisture 12 percent crude fiber 24 percent and crude protein 17 percent?

you are able to answer your question by using the following formula of estimating crude protein content in food or whatever protein percent you would like to estimate. protein percentage = (titration value- blank titration value )(0.01*14.007) weight of sample used Multiply the result by 100 and afterwards by 6.25 factor. then you will get the accurate protein percentage that you are looking for . hope that helped out .

What is the Difference between crude death rate and actual death rate?

Death Rate is the actual rate of death where Crude Death Rate is a guess on the death rate.

What is the main difference between crude oil and petroleum oil?

One is refined and the other has nuclear waste

What is the difference between birth rate and crude birth rate?

Crude birth rate is how many live children are born. Crude death rate is how many people die. Crude death minus crude birth is the net gain (or loss) and is called the birth rate. It represents whether or not deceased people are "replaced".

What is the difference between crude palm kernel oil and refined palm kernel oil?

All crude oil contains many harmful substances, generally, they are unedible. As to price, crude kernel oil is lower than refined ones.

What is the difference between ffo and ebitda?

A very crude way of looking at the two is :EBIDTA (-) Interest (-) Tax = FFO.

What is crude fiber in animal feed?

Crude fiber is a rough indicator on how much energy is in the feed.

What is fold purification in protein purification?

A measure of how much more pure your protein is after a purification step in comparison to the crude. You can calculate this by dividing the purified steps specific activity by the crude steps specific activity.

What is the difference between sweet and sour crude?

Sour crude is high in sulfur. Sweet crude is low in sulfur. Petroleum is considered "sweet" if it contains less than 0.5% sulphur. Sour crude oil has >0.5% sulphur. Sweet crude oil also contains small amounts of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

What is difference between slag and matte?

slag is iron silicate (FeSiO3) while Matte is a crude mixture of molten sulphides.

What are 10 things crude oil can be made from?

Crude oil is the by product of decaying and fossilisation of animal and plant matter