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Q: What is the difference between relatedness and descendancy?
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What determines the relatedness between two different species?

whatever the dicoythamus key says is the difference

What determines the degree of relatedness between two different species?

The degree of relatedness between two different species can be determined by taxons and a classificaton system. The classification system is used to organize things into different categories based on their evolutionary relationships.

How are differences between DNA amino acid sequence used to show relatedness between species?

the acid burns the fats

What does Los Latinos mean in spanish?

The Latinos (a group of people of Latin descendancy)

What are the sources of studying the evolution of man?

The primate fossil record and genetic relatedness between human and modern non-human primates.

How are evolution and clssifacation related?

In the system of classification called cladistics there is a progressive relationship based on the evolutionary relatedness between taxa of organisms.

In what two ways G C content data are taxonomically valuable?

It has been observed that there is a correlation between GC content and relatedness between species. This means there is a similarity in GC content in closely relates species. And since taxonomy is involved with classification of organisms, GC contect is an excellent indicator of relatedness. Using this technique, the classification process can be made more precise

What is relatedness needs?

Relatedness needs for children is a sense of significant connection to others; the need for close personal relationships and the sense of one's self as worthy of love

The sense of relatedness to a central tone is known as?


The sense of relatedness to a central tone is known?


What evidence of natural selection do you have today that Darwin did not?

Genetic relatedness

What is three-tiered satisfied man?

existence,relatedness and growth